VIDEO: Dr. Al Olszewski, Says CDC Guidelines Are ‘Garbage’ and Fauci Should Resign or Be Fired


Also, Dr. Al Told Dr. Fauci, “You are nuts, with cow manure all over it.”

In a barn-burner of a video, Dr. Al Olszewski – who is running for Montana’s second congressional seat against Solutions Caucus RINO, Ryan Zinke, spoke directly to Dr. Fauci for his new guidelines reversing his previous policy that those with vaccines don’t need masks.

Dr. Olszewski said, “The airforce trained me to protect our pilates and our aircrews from nuclear, chemical, and biological warefare. Based upon that experience, here are my comments to the CDC based upon their new mask guidelines. Are you nuts?”

He went on, “You know the science says cloth masks don’t work against viruses. You know the science says paper masks don’t work against viruses…so CDC, you have shown once and for all that you have become a weaponized political tool for the Democrat Party and therefore you are no longer in a position to tell us what to do.”

The doctor went on to speak directly to Dr. Fauci…

As far as you, Dr. Fauci, it’s time for you to retire, it’s time for you to quit, or it’s time for you to be fired. It’s as simple as that.”

Dr. Olszewski assured Montanans that our hospital would not be overwhelmed. His line was, “You are nuts with cow manure spread all over it.”

You can watch the video below.

To visit Dr. Olszewski’s campaign website, click here. To visit his opponent’s campaign website, click here.


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  1. Olszewski a REAL Doctor unlike Quack Fauci the Fraud. I agree with the Real Doc. . except I would add Fauci needs Fired, Prosecuted & Imprisoned.

  2. What Doctor said is a very obvious thing. Those masks from the department store or that are hand made do not protect against the virus. Masks should be made professionally. If people want to make them by themselves try to do at least 12 layers of fabric. But than, it will be difficult to breath.


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