A Man With a Plan: Ammon Bundy is a Serious Contender for Idaho Governor


Idaho is America’s fastest-growing state by population, joining several other Western destinations that are getting inundated with “blue state” refugees looking for cleaner air, open spaces, and a shot to escape the virtual hell that many liberal cities have devolved into.

Idaho, like Montana, has a large population of patriots, independent thinkers, bold activists, and well-informed citizens. Perhaps no man in Idaho exemplifies those characteristics more than Rancher and Gubernatorial candidate Ammon Bundy.

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Bundy, a lightning rod for controversy (based mostly upon his status as a civil rights pioneer), has been in the public spotlight since 2014 when agents of the federal government came for his father Cliven Bundy’s Nevada ranch and terrorized his family. The overwhelming support by patriots from all over the county who traveled to Nevada en’ masse to support the Bundy family may have been the only thing that saved them from being executed like the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas, or Randy Weaver’s family at Ruby Ridge.

Not being the kind of guy who waits for others to act, Bundy has taken his long experience with the troubles and trials of a tyrannical government and mobilized a literal army of patriots across America numbering over 65,000 strong who share a love for liberty and oppose tyrannical rule.

Bundy joined Jim White from Montana Gazette Radio recently to discuss current events, his platform, and his plan to put the state of Idaho back into the hands of the people.


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