Gallatin County/Bozeman Eager to Obey Biden’s Order to Put Masks Back On


Gallatin County – more so than any other in Montana – has repeatedly thumbed its nose toward Montana’s state capitol and bent its knee to Washington D.C. Their last health board director, Matt Kelley, resigned after much grass-roots outrage to work for a Dark Money lobbying firm funded by Big Pharma to push forced vaccinations on Montana. The county fought new Montana Attorney General, Austin Knudsen, who told them to let businesses stay open past their unconstitutional curfews. The county tried its best to thwart Jed Hinkle’s HB257, signed into law by Governor Gianforte, preventing them from issuing guidelines that surpass that of the state’s.

But the fact is, Bozeman is up against Montana Law that now forbids vaccination discrimination and masking ordinances that violate state law. But now that Biden has ordered masks back on because the vaccines don’t work, Gallatin County is again trying to find a way around state law to force their residents to follow the unconstitutional orders of Joe Biden.

This is despite the Montana Daily Gazette chronicling the drop of COVID-19 cases after they were forced by the state legislature from enforcing their mask mandates, both here and here.

An out-of-state news outlet that masquerades as a Bozeman paper, reported on the county’s efforts to comply with Joe Biden instead of Montana law. The Bozeman Chronicle states, “Lori Christenson, Gallatin City-County Health Officer, said in a press release that the Gallatin City-County Health Department is reviewing the updated recommendation from the CDC but continues to recommend that people who are not fully vaccinated wear masks in indoor public places.”

One wonders if Lori Christenson has “reviewed” Montana law on the subject. Joe Biden’s orders only apply to federal facilities. Period. It’s not that complicated.

Meanwhile, the fake, out-of-state paper reports, “Lori Ross, administrative assistant for the superintendent’s office of Bozeman Public Schools, said that the district is working through the new guidelines, and would have an update by Friday.”

Elsie Arntzen, the Superintendent of Public Schools, has already stated that masking should be optional. Nonetheless, Gallatin County really, really loves their masks, so it seems.

If there is a way to obey Joe Biden and not Montana law, Gallatin County seems intent on finding it.


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