IT DOES NOT WORK: More than 25% Getting COVID-19 Have Already Been FULLY Vaccinated


It’s one thing to get COVID-19 after having only received one dose of the vaccine (as Governor Greg Gianforte did). Montana Daily Gazette had to fact-check Gianforte’s claims that the vaccine was “safe and effective,” because the data simply does not exist that demonstrates that. In short, it’s premature to call an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) drug “safe” because it’s experimental, thus the declaration is presumptive. And furthermore, it had yet to be seen that the vaccine was effective. There was simply not enough time or data to suggest that either is true without an asterisk* stating that both were optimistic presumptions.

Well, time has been the judge and the vaccine seems neither safe for many people (particularly of certain demographics, as several nations have barred certain brands for the elderly) and even in the United States, millions of vaccine doses have had to be recalled months ago, and again just a few days ago. Johnson and Johnson vaccines, for example, have been linked to a rare nerve disorder just ten days ago.

But furthermore, the vaccine has shown itself ineffective as well. It should be proof enough that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reversing its policy on vaccinated people not needing masks without releasing the data as to why.

Here’s why, and it’s just one example; 25% of those in California testing positive for COVID-19 have been fully vaccinated.

Fox News reports, “Health officials in Los Angeles County said over 25% of new coronavirus cases are among those who have been fully vaccinated, an increase from last month, according to a report Wednesday.

This is an increase from June, in which 20% of those testing positive have already been vaccinated. Let’s be clear; no other vaccine in history has proven itself less effective or stopping the spread of the illness it was designed to prevent.

Instead of blaming this scamdemic on Big Government working with Big Pharma to play fast-and-loose with human lives, health officials are claiming it’s the so-called “Delta Variant” that’s responsible for these post-vaccine positive cases.

The only solution, from Big Pharma’s perspective, is an endless parade of constant vaccinations against every variant strain of COVID-19, which has an endless amount of profit potential for Big Pharma and an endless amount of potential danger for people taking the untested drugs.

Keep in mind that in March of this year, the World Health Organization promised that new and “better” vaccines would come for additional variants through 2022. Has your employer made you get the shot? Be prepared to be forced to get another one.


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  1. The VAX= The mark of the beast:

    Archbishop Viganò: Vaccines made with fetal tissue are a ‘human sacrifice of innocent victims offered to Satan’
    ‘The most innocent and defenseless creature, the baby in the womb in the third month of gestation, is sacrificed and dismembered in order to extract tissue from his still palpitating body with which to produce a non-cure, a non-vaccine, which not only does not heal from the virus, but in all likelihood causes a greater percentage of death than Covid itself, especially in the elderly or those who are sick.’

    Viganò sees that “abortion is proposed by the Satanists as a true and proper religious rite,” arguing that in this Satanic world view, through an abortion-tainted vaccine, one becomes a member of the Satanic anti-church. He writes that Satan claims, “through the pharmaceutical companies that use fetal tissue from abortions to manufacture a so-called vaccine that is presented in the delirium of Covid-19 as a sacrament of salvation by which one is incorporated into the ‘mystical body’ of Satan, the globalist anti-church.”


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