Nurse Julie Martin Voted 2021 ‘Best of the Flathead’ Stresses ‘Immunity for the Win’

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The Daily Interlake’s annual polling contest “Best of the Flathead” Winner for 2021 in the division of “Best Nurse” is Julie Martin, RN, BSN, ACN. Montana Daily Gazette congratulates Nurse Julie on this incredible accomplishment! Great job!

The following is a submission by Flathead Valley’s Best Nurse.

“There is Nothing Healthy about the “Board of Health”

The irony of referring to our local “health” board as a Board of “Health” became even more ironic during the past 18+ months of our current “Scam-demic,” otherwise known as COVID-19.

If there had been any shadow of a doubt that “health boards” are nothing more than propaganda pieces for the medical-pharmaceutical complex, those were removed after the first two weeks allegedly dedicated to “flattening the curve.”

I have been a Registered Nurse for 30 years and have been doing natural medicine for the past 12 and have never in my career, even in allopathic medicine, seen such a lack of proper teaching regarding how to build the immune system and stay healthy. As health professionals around the nation, we missed a huge opportunity to truly educate the public when their focus was on us, and they were truly seeking answers.

The only things offered (“vaccines,” social distancing/isolation, and masks) all do the exact opposite, both from a physical, mental and social perspective. All of the “solutions” are UN-healthy! Furthermore, we saw the tragic fallout of this, particularly with the cruel and evil isolation of the elderly. The only remotely positive prevention strategies offered were to wash our hands and cover our mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing, all of which have long been considered common sense (not to mention polite).

What would have helped our population, both from a physical and mental/social perspective, during this basically hyped-up flu-like “syndrome”? Besides turning off (or better yet, throwing away) their TVs/computers/phones/whatever propaganda device they were glued to 24/7, I would offer that in addition to not doing anything we wouldn’t normally do during a typical flu season (which this basically was), the general population needed instructions on how to build up and maintain their immune systems and general health.

However, who on those “health” boards even seems to know these things, as the vast majority of them have been so brainwashed in Big Medicine/Big Pharma propaganda, that they do not even remember what true health really is? I would submit that as they currently stand, very few.

I offer this solution, especially for those counties that claim they want “diversity” on their health boards – how about having one person on the board who is from a natural medicine/health promotion background? Please consider a chiropractor, functional medicine practitioner, acupuncturist, naturopath, or someone (like myself) who has an allopathic background and sees the incredible benefits of natural medicine? I do see the usefulness of both modalities – they both have their proper place.

What would teaching true health look like? The basics: fresh air, sunshine, exercise, and proper rest. Educating people on a truly healthy diet and how to easily cook healthy and tasty nourishing foods appropriate for any age group that all can truly enjoy. Healthy food CAN and SHOULD be delicious! Supplementing with quality supplements and herbs, with emphasis on traditional whole foods like cod liver oil (which is also an excellent whole food source of naturally-occurring Vitamin D), whole food vitamin C complex (which is far more than Ascorbic acid), whole-food-based Zinc, Echinacea, Fire Cider (an easily-made food herb immune tonic), etc. Educating folks on the importance and good sources of proper hydration and reminding and allowing physicians to use “old school” (aka, no longer under patent, so Big Pharma wants them banned) but effective medications like Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine.

I would encourage everyone reading this article to consider this solution and contact their county commissioners and local health boards and suggest this solution and see what kind of response is received. The sticking point in undertaking something like this is that natural medicine has long been persecuted and treated as a threat, and when they cannot dismiss our good results, we are branded as “quacks.” Alternatively, we are given newspeak names like “alternative, non-traditional, unconventional,” etc. Even though natural medicine is the exact opposite of all of those monikers and has kept people healthy since the dawn of humanity – Chinese medicine and Ayurveda have both been helping people for millennia.

It is a miracle that we have survived as a species, isn’t it? (For the sarcasm-challenged, yes, that was sarcasm).

Julie Martin, RN, BSN, ACN


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