Montana Democrats are Flipping School Boards Blue: A Warning


In a recent Op-ed, Publisher Jordan Hall explained that ‘Democrats organizing in conservative Montana is a good thing. Here’s why: The problem with Montana state government is not that there are too many Democrats in Helena (we hold supermajorities in the House and Senate, as well as the governor’s office); the problem is there are too many Democrats in the Republican Party.’

Because Democrats have been by and large uncompetitive in Montana, they’ve taken the path of least resistance to get into power, which is run as a moderate-ish Republican and then vote left of center while claiming that they’re taking a balanced and nuanced position on the issues. It’s not honorable or pretty, but it gets the job done in order to accomplish their goals at the state level.

But how about at a more local level?

The organization ‘Flatheads Democrats’ have started trumpeting the fact that in the last cycle, they’ve flipped 19 school board seats blue, with plans to flip more across the state in the fall.

These races matter, especially when we’re seeking to shape policy for our children’s education, and particularly when it comes to contentious issues like transgendered bathroom usage or mask mandates.

Most people can’t affect politics on a macro-level, but they can on a micro one. We cannot rest on our laurels and sigh contentedly that we have the House and Senate, while the progressives push for power win battles we’re not even aware of. We need to get our people saturated into every area of society in order to protect our children, who we know the Democrats are coming for.

Join your local school board, vie for power, call them and find out how you can run and make a difference. We don’t need to see the Flatheads Democrats bragging in a few months that they’ve flipped 50 or 60 seats, but rather that they’ve suffered staggering, historical losses.

It’s time to sacrifice and shut them up.


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