While other Professionals Flounder, Elsie Arntzen Wins the ‘Common Sense Award’ Concerning Masking and Public Schools

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Recently Montana Public Radio interviewed several people in Montana including Elsie Arntzen, State Superintendent of Public Instruction concerning the upcoming school year and masking policies.

Misinformation and unscientific assertions ruled the day, with many public figures citing so-called authoritative sources like the Center for Disease Control (CDC) as the golden standard for what ought to be followed: “The CDC is once again recommending that people wear masks in crowded indoor spaces in places with a significant spread of the virus. That guidance extends to staff and students at schools, even if they’re vaccinated.”

The CDC is an unelected body that routinely takes contradictory positions on the issues, changing positions without any new scientific data. In this case, when in the history of vaccines and virology did anyone wear a mask following getting vaccinated? We’ll wait for an answer with bated breath.

Dr. John Cole likewise takes an untenable position. According to MTPR: “Dr. John Cole, a pediatrician in Kalispell and president of the Montana Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, says masking at schools is a good call because kids younger than 12 aren’t yet eligible to get the COVID-19 vaccine but can still get sick.

“We see cases of kids with inflammation around the heart. We see the long-term loss of taste and smell, fatigue. So if we can avoid children and staff from getting COVID, that is always the number one goal, and that’s why the masking is so important.”

Children don’t need the COVID vaccine, nor do they need to mask up, as they’re not particularly adversely affected by it. According to the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services, there haven’t been any deaths in Montana of children under the age of 19 and less than 5 deaths under the age of 30. Children and teens catching the novel coronavirus simply isn’t a problem, any more than catching a cold is.


Furthermore, at the rate we’re going, statistically speaking, a child is more likely to die from the COVID vaccine as they are from COVID itself.

Next, we come to the State Health Department (Helena Mt). “According to the state health department, 27% of Montanans aged 12-17 have gotten at least one dose of a vaccine as of July 23.”

Again don’t be fooled, as the COVID shot has not obtained FDA approval and is not for children. EUA has been approved, meaning the FDA has only approved the vaccine for Emergency Use Authorization which has nothing to do with the effectiveness or safety of the shot.

There may be, however, a silver lining along the way when dealing with Public Schools.
NTPR assesses Lance Melton, the Director of the Montana School Boards Association’s reasoning:

“Melton says school districts’ options are restricted by two laws passed during the last legislative session. One requires that elected officials have a say in public health mandates and another bars schools from taking vaccine status into consideration when drafting rules.”

In simple terms, vaccines will not be a game-changer for students who will be attending public schools. Vaccines will not be mandatory. The other law means that elected officials, such as, for example, County Commissioners, may now have a say in Health Board decisions. And if you’re fortunate enough to have conservative Commissioners such as those in Flathead County, then it could have a positive effect.

Up until this last legislative session school board, trustees / Superintendents were “autonomous” when it came to making decisions for students meaning they make masks obligatory. However, under Montana State Constitution the law states that there “must be equal opportunities for all students and a quality education provided.” Hopefully, some of that autonomy may lift because of the two laws mentioned above.

For those children unfortunate enough to have to wear masks, the results can frequently be debilitating.

When Montana Daily Gazette visited with Elsie Arntzen at a Flathead Valley Republican Fundraiser, Arntzen just shook her head in disgust. MDG asked the State Superintendent how could a child’s education be high quality or equal when the masks are so unhealthy, given that children can’t study or concentrate when the masks cause dizziness, nausea, asthma attacks, face rashes, impetigo, vomiting, migraines, and a myriad of other ailments.

Also, when a child is at home doing school, it cannot be an equal opportunity for they are missing out on group activities only allowed at school. Arntzen replied:

“Masks are abusive for children and absolutely for special needs children who must see teachers’ mouths move, etc., and children feel claustrophobic in them. It needs to be a personal choice left up to each family.”

We completely agree. Arntzen is good for Montana’s children, and when the MTPR article quoted Arntzen and stated Arntzen saying she’d heard of “negative impacts” ‘associated with masks in school settings’ she was partially speaking about the information given to her by MDG.

She said, “OPI has heard of “negative impacts” associated with masks in school settings and hopes that students and staff can return to normal.”

Montana Daily Gazette shared with Arntzen that Notarized Affidavits of Harm and Liability concerning horrible ailments caused by the masking of Flathead County citizens and some of which were teachers and students had been submitted to the County Commissioners for their records last fall.

Arntzen is no fool. She understands that masks are dreadful for children in numerous ways and fought Bullock when he wouldn’t even allow her one full minute to listen to her school plan.

As the masking and public school issue are on the horizon, look to Montana Daily Gazette for pertinent up-to-date information.


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