Op-Ed: Montana’s Largest Credit Union Needs to Be Investigated


As I continue to dig into the many layers of corruption being uncovered in Whitefish Credit Union’s (WFCU) criminal property theft and money-laundering organized crime ring, one thing is clear; WFCU needs to be investigated for fraud.

I will put this as plainly as I can. WFCU was involved in acquiring property by deception, threat, or, in some cases, both, which is a violation of the Montana Code Annotated. Numerous victims have come forward to explain the deception, which seems to be almost identical in all cases.

The actions taken by WFCU against their own Business Members were nothing less than despicable and were most certainly criminal. The theft of members’ lifelong labor and destruction of their credit was planned, orchestrated, and, again, certainly illegal.

One has to ask why a billion-dollar company like WFCU, with a team of attorneys, has not sent a cease and desist letter, demanded a retraction, nor filed a lawsuit for libel, slander, or defamation against myself or Montana Daily Gazette for calling them thieves and crooks? It is because what I say on Montana Gazette Radio and post on Montana Daily Gazette is true and cannot be refuted, in case you’re wondering.

This op-ed, to be honest, is intended to introduce you to a couple more victims of WFCU. Their stories are similar, as they both had completed several loans with WFCU before they fell victims to the credit union’s organized plot to steal their land, money, and other properties.

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Please take the time to view both videos linked below, as the men being interviewed are just like you and me. And, if we do not root out these criminals, your neighbors, your children, or even you could be the next victim of WFCU, it’s really that simple.


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