Libby and Flathead County Experience Cell Service Issues. T-Mobile Fiber Optics and Towers Burning


In portions of Flathead County and Libby Montana, the phone server T-Mobile is out of commission due to fires, lending one local Flathead resident who has their ear to the ground to assess the situation on social media:

“The local fires have burned through their fiber optics, and the company that would fix it cannot get in the area due to the fires still burning. The firefighters won’t allow them in for safety reasons…

In the Libby area, the tower is literally on fire. So there are service issues. Let’s be patient and understanding. And if you can’t hop on social media for a bit… what book will you read?” 

The sign in their window reads at the time of this writing: 

              SERVICE ISSUES:

‘There is a large fire that has burned through multiple fiber optic lines affecting our service. The power company cannot get into fix it until the fire subsides. 

One resident remarked, “This is why you bury fiber-optic lines.” 

In their defense, T-Mobile is doing everything it can and being kind and courteous to customers.

AT&T and Verizon have had no delays or interruptions in service. 


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