Feds Nix 2019 RINO Plans to Add Work Requirements to Medicaid Expansion


The Democrat-Wing of the Republican Party in Montana, known as the Solutions Caucus, helped their Democrat colleagues pass Medicaid Expansion in 2019. Not was this vote essentially amount to Montana’s rubber-stamp of ObamaCare, but it also helped to provide funding for abortions from taxpayer dollars. The 2020 Red Wave saw a culling of some – but not all – RINO Republicans who helped pass Medicaid Expansion into law.

As Republicans-In-Name-Only came back to their home districts, they found themselves having to explain their vote for socialized medicine. Led by Solutions Caucus Democrat, Llew Jones, they had an answer; “there was nothing we could do to stop Medicaid Expansion” (a fundamental falsehood) “so we made it better by adding a work requirement.”

Jones wrote in an op-ed for the Cutbank Pioneer Press with his reason for supporting Montana’s Obamacare…

I will support a renewal of expansion that includes asset eligibility and work/-training reforms.

RINO after RINO insisted that they improved Medicaid Expansion by requiring eligible recipients to work or seek work. As written, the Montana bill would require, “Medicaid expansion enrollees to work or participate in job-related activities for 80 hours per month or have their coverage suspended until they meet other requirements. Those who don’t report compliance with the requirement or eligibility for an exemption will be locked out of coverage for six months unless they then meet the requirement for 30 days or are found eligible for an exemption.”

The signing of Medicaid Expansion…Ed Buttrey (“R”), a RINO associated with the Solutions Caucus, sits to the right of Governor Bullock.

In an op-ed for the Sidney Herald, an out-of-state owned liberal press outlet in Richland County, former Rep. Joel Krautter gave the Solution Caucus talking points for why he voted for Montana’s Obamacare.

I supported Representative Buttrey’s bill because I believe in the reforms it makes to the Medicaid law set to expire in June without reauthorization. The resolution from the Sidney Health Center Board of Trustees asking me to support continuation of the program was helpful to my decision. I also heard from constituents that they supported new work-requirements for able-bodied adults, which the reformed law includes, with a contingency sunset provision to the entire law that would be triggered if work requirements were invalidated.

Krautter had to explain why he voted for Medicaid Expansion when Richland County residents voted against it overwhelmingly in a referendum on the ballot the year previously. Why did Krautter side against Richland County, his own constituents?

That’s right. Those new work requirements.

Well, the federal government – now led by Joe Biden – has rejected our work requirements. They told MT DPHHS, released in a public memo earlier, they were told:

“CMS has communicated to [the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services] that a five-year extension of the Medicaid expansion waiver will not include work/community engagement requirements.

The abortion-funding, budget-busting, government-growing welfare bill will continue until at least 2025 without the work requirements (unless something drastically changes in Washington).


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