Video: War Vet Stands Ground Against Aggressive ‘Transgender’ ‘Woman’ in His Own Store


Don Sucher of Sucher & Sons Star Wars Shop placed a sign that read “If you were born with a #($* you’re not a chick.”

The sign, albeit biologically accurate and objectively true, drew the ire of a city councilman who pretends to be a city councilwoman, who approached him aggressively to bark about his “bigotry” (translation: scientific observation).

You can see the photo of the store owner’s sign from within his own store below (the vulgar word has been blurred).

The councilman, Mr. “Tiesa” Meskis, went to the store to confront Sucher on video. Meskis explained to the local news station, K5 – an NBC affiliate – what he finds so offensive about Soucher’s speech on his own property. Chiefly, the very larger man can be seen staring down at the almost-octogenarian screaming and shouting various medically untenable absurdities.

Mr. Meskis told NBC news later, “I would really like them to open their eyes and their heart and see that we are people and we are who we are and all we want to be is accepted in our community.”

Of course, no one denies that Mr. Meskis is a person, or that he is who he is. The only person who seems unaccepting of who he really is, is Mr. Meskis. You can watch the video below, but stick around for the commentary afterward.

Notice the towering presence of the man. Notice his booming, baritone voice while screaming outside (as opposed to the artificial, forced and still-unconvincing voice used while speaking to the camera). Notice his larger, male skeletal frame. Notice that, even with breasts and a mask, it is absolutely positive – even from a distance – that he is a man.

That’s all Soucher was pointing out…reality.

But also notice how the NBC News affiliate covered the story. He referred to the store owner as “wacky” but not the man in a dress. Notice that he also lies, saying that which he knows not to be true, referring to Mr. Meskis with female pronouns. Notice that the reporter referred to Mr. Meskis as a “trans-woman,” despite no such thing ever having existing in the history of mankind.

Opposing protests are scheduled. Let’s all be happy this isn’t in Bozeman.

But when told that his sign hurt peoples’ feelings, the war vet responded, “I don’t give a [expletive] about feelings anymore. I’m 78…do you think I care about some asshole’s feelings? Absolutely not.”


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  1. Your “newspaper” shows why people don’t really care about Montana or the people who live there. Looks like bigots, homophobes and sexist assholes are all that exist in big sky country.

  2. Terrible article that is clearly written by another bigot! What I saw was a trans WOMAN trying to explain to that sad excuse for a man why that sign was rude and demeaning. The world will be a better place once you close minded BOOMERS die off. Good rindens, hope you all enjoy the hell the preach about!

    • Tiesa Meskis is a man. I can guarantee you that there is a penis attached to his body. That makes him a BOY.
      I quickly recognized that you never learned much while attending schools. Undoubtedly you attended public schools where you were thoroughly brainwashed. Additionally you never learned how to spell


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