A Spy in the Room: Paranoid Whitefish City Councilwoman (Rebecca Norton)Attends Kalispell’s ‘Constitutional Counties’

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Rebecca Norton is paranoid. She is paranoid to such an unhealthy degree to the point where she’s emerged into a full-blown mental nut case. She is a hypochondriac of gigantic proportions, and she sits on the board of the Whitefish City Council. Mayor John Mulfeld had been seen around the City of Whitefish wearing two masks outside while walking his dog. Word has it Norton has been known to do likewise.

On July 10th in Kalispell, a class entitled Constitutional Counties was hosted by Kirk McKenzie. The event was well attended, informative, and helpful to all who came.

There were, however, a couple of oddballs sitting in the very back. They were the only two people wearing masks, so they stuck out like a sore thumb. Norton was one.

Rebecca Norton was NOT in attendance at this meeting because she wants to promote peace and freedom. Far from it. She doesn’t believe in a life comprised of “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” but rather she is a slave to the novel coronavirus.

It’s important to note that Constitutional Counties welcome any person to their gatherings if they are self-controlled and amiable. In a previous article on the constitutional county, we wrote the following:

“Even though citizens across Montana are waking up to the con-game being played on the populace, there are still plenty of rabid ideologues who have formed up into groups and who do everything within their ability to handicap the march towards liberty.” (This statement was in reference to “Love Lives Here,” a very anti-freedom group in Montana and is the type of group Norton loves.)

Open Photo
Norton and her liberal “loving” agenda.

The statement above describes Norton to the highest degree.

Rebecca Norton, Mentally Unstable Whitefish City Council Member

This is EXACTLY who Norton is and what she wants to accomplish. Given a chance, she would have everyone in Whitefish wearing three masks and standing “37 feet apart” because, yes, she once mentioned that. Hypochondriacs (like Norton) need to be in mental wards, not on City Councils.

Last October, when Whitefish wanted the city businesses to cut back to 50% capacity, that wasn’t good enough for her. She wanted the businesses cut back by 75%, drastically reducing their capacity and cutting far deeper than would ever be needed. Even politically liberal-minded townsfolk called into the Whitefish Council Meeting stating that, “If you take us down to 50%, we may as well shut down altogether. That will put us completely out of business.”

Norton would close down the entire town of Whitefish if she could.

She believes she has “Long COVID” -a myriad of symptoms that are alleged to arise in some people even after having had COVID – which include encephalitis and a combination of brain/gut/vision issues. She believes she has 60 symptoms from CV-19 and couldn’t wait to get vaccinated! AND YET, this is the same woman who calls (called) weekly emergency WF Council Meetings.

She is unfit to sit on any board as she hasn’t the “brain function” to do it!

Perhaps she received the “Pandemic Unemployment Assistance” as she was unable to work but could call and attend WF City Council Meetings.

Rebecca Norton is a spy and a traitor. In no way, shape or form is she for Constitutional Counties.

As one local stated, “She definitely loves COVID more than life itself.”


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