Soros Org in Flathead Valley Organizes Hate Toward Austin Knudsen Over Educating Law Enforcement


“Love Lives Here” is a Soros-funded organization that is not grass-roots, and only exists to attack conservatives with out-of-state Dark Money

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Attorney General, Austin Knudsen, is the highest law enforcement officer in the state of Montana. It’s incumbent upon him – as a part of his law enforcement responsibilities stewarded to him by a clear majority of Montana voters, to ensure that law enforcement is done, and done well.

Not everyone like that, including the organization known as Love Lives Here, a hate-filled organization with a deceitful name, which has a chapter in the Flathead Valley in Northwest Montana.

According to Love Lives Here, the bee in their bonnet is Sheriff Richard Mack’s appearance at the Constitutional Sheriff and Peace Officer’s Association meeting (which he founded and runs). Mack is best known for suing the Clinton Administration over the Brady Law (gun ban) and winning in federal court. He’s not “anti-government” but was the elected sheriff of Graham County, Arizona, and has campaigned for congress (something an “anti-government extremist” would not do.

Keep in mind that anyone who runs afoul of the agenda of Love Lives Here is called “extremist” by their spokesmen. On July 3, 2020, Montana Daily Gazette ran an article entitled, Montana Human Rights Group Issues Warning About ‘Fundamentalist Christians’ (and Libertarians). That “warning,” given out by “Love Lives Here” showed no love for people of faith or those who hold to Libertarian principles. It was a pretty hateful article, which alleged that a rally consisting of Libertarian and Patriots (neither of whom had committed any acts against the government for which they were convicted in a court of law) would be a “COVID-19 Superspreader Event.” Please note: No one got Covid from the event.

Their article, filled with hateful speech against, believers, got the attention of the Montana Daily Gazette, and so did their recent “call to action” for granola-eating, soy-mustached, skinny-jeans-wearing bicyclists in Kalispell who they demanded write letters to Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen asking him to violate the free speech of Sheriff Mack and put a stop to law enforcement training.

The Love Lives Here statement reads…

We understand that it can be hard to research every person who offers a training, but this is alarming. Richard Mack has a long, well-documented history of anti-government activity, and he has often shared a stage with antisemitic conspiracy theorists. This attempt to normalize the militia ideology of county supremacy and provide a gateway into more dangerous anti-government is very dangerous. 

Love Lives Here linked an article about the Arise USA Tour, which traveled through last month the Montana cities of Lame Deer, Missoula, Loma, and Billings. Each and every event was recorded live (and remains online to see), and Montana Daily Gazette was the only press outlet to cover these events. There was, of course, no anti-Semitism.

The link between Mack and Robert David Steele is Steele was also a speaker at the Arise USA Tour, and Love Lives Here linked a blog article to the IREHR to make the accusatin that Steel was anti-Semitic. Steele is a former CIA spy and government bureaucrat, and occasionally uses the term “Zionism” (although the MDG reports no such use of the term at events Mack has been present at) to reference typically to the Israeli State’s Mossad (their version of the CIA) and is not “hate speech” directed toward either ethnic or religious Jewish people. Steele speaks of Mossad with the same criticism he directs toward his former employer, the Central Intelligent Agency.

The IREHR stands for the Institute for Research and Human Rights. It is also a Soros-funded organization.

In other words, to prove Sheriff Mack is anti-Semitic, it attaches him to Richard Steele, and cites another Soros organization to demonstrate it. In doing so, it confuses criticism of the Israeli Mossad with anti-Semitism.

The Soros front-group is encouraging emails to be sent to Attorney General Austin Knudsen, who apparently is supposed to do something-or-other to stop Sheriff Mack (a formerly elected sheriff with no criminal record or record of “hate speech”) from speaking in the Flathead Valley. They write…

Please email the executive director of the board that oversees the POST program, Perry Johnson, You can also email Attorney General Austin Knudsen at the Department of Justice, which gave final approval for this training. Click here, then select “General Contact” to send your email.

As a reminder, Love Lives Here is funded by the Montana Human Rights Coalition. They’re the subversive out-of-staters who went and grabbed Montana Daily Gazette LLC from the Secretary of State’s Office as soon as they saw our website launched (we are located under Real Montana News LLC, just fyi). In other words, they play dirty.

The Montana Human Rights Coalition is founded and funded, surprise-surprise, by George Soros. Since we first released a link to their own website stating that they were funded by a Soros grant, they deleted the link from their website and it now receives an error message. They are funded by (in part) a 100 million dollar grant from George Soros.


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