‘Anonymous Unvaccinated Report System’ Shows the Terrors of a Possible Future


Could it ever happen? The AURS is not a real system. However, with all we’ve seen, heard, and endured in the past two years, it could seem plausible.

David Bramante is a fascinating man. He is amazingly unique as he runs for Governor of California through a recall of Gavin Newsom.

As a bit of a thought experiment to see how dangerously close we are as a society to having a company like AURS exist; a world where friends, family and neighbors are reporting each other to a third-party website and local authorities, he built that very thing, creating a website where citizens can report their neighbors for prizes.

He explains that “since the launch of the AURS website, 360,000+ unique visitors went to the site and 3,000+ people submitted “reports”. Many times during the week the website’s servers crashed because of traffic.” While mercifully the vast majority of reports were submitted complaining about the system and its very existence, not all were, and this is no longer something that is relegated to the realms of science fiction.

“I think the main issue right now is we have politicians masquerading around acting like they care about us and are trying to keep us safe while stripping our freedom and tearing up the social fabric of America. What the politicians and media have been doing is ACTUALLY fear-mongering us for 14+ months straight. Remember it used to be just “14 days to flatten the curve,” but they’re not stopping? Political satire is one of the very few last protected types of speech that we have. If you’re upset about AURS, then get involved, rally, recall these politicians and get us back to normal. That should be the focus.”

While we as Montanans are insulated from much of this nonsense by our current politicians who would never let this slide, there are those on the authoritarian democratic wing who would read a story like this and not chortle with laughter at how a crummy system it would be, but rather consider how they could somehow incorporate it or parts of it and implement it in the Big Sky State.

We would certainly hope that Californians vote for someone like David Bramante, who has demonstrated that he is far more clear thinking than the current governor could ever be and is sounding the clarion call. But if the last 18 months has taught us anything, with how frequently our governing officials n this country have frequently, gleefully, and brutally crossed the line in the name of protecting us from ourselves, was it’s that as crazy as the AURS system sounds, what was once pure fantasy is looking a lot more real.


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