Flathead Queer Alliance Grows, Grooms Children, and Obtains More Sodomy Testing Kits


Flathead Valley’s Glacier Queer Alliance has grown out of their current staging grounds at the former Kalispell hospital, and like an animal on the prowl looking to mark and expand their territory, they’ve nestled into a nearly 2000-square foot section of the town’s Gateway Community Center, giving them more space to run free to hunt, harm, and ruin lives.

Bryan Bebb, the founder of the Glacier Queer alliance, says that they intend to use the space to host a full slate of small groups and educational events in order to foster diversity and bring together multiple queer groups. Of particular note is a peer-to-peer group designed to cater to 8 to 13-year-old children by supporting them in their discovery of their queer identity, which is just another way of saying they are hosting events designed to help disturbed, confused parents to guide their children into further confusion and sexual deviance. Brilliant.

It gets worse. The Flathead Beacon explains:

“Over the past few years, Bebb has cultivated positive relationships with other nonprofits like the Abbie Shelter and the Sparrow’s Nest, and Glacier Queer Alliance recently partnered with Flathead Family Planning to get access to home HIV testing kits.”

Sparrows Nest is a house for homeless teens in Flathead County. Teens need a space that will nurture, guide, and help them navigate their life. They don’t need one that has a vested interest in assessing which pronoun they are going assume or which confusing binary, non-binary, two-spirit, trans mess they will be led into. Teens and young adults need care, training, and guidance, not sexual madness grooming to hurl them straight towards the future of pedophilia.

What is MOST disturbing about this grotesque Alliance garbage is that they are growing so fast in number that now they need more HIV TESTING KITS!

This has to stop in Montana. It is cropping up everywhere, and rather than this venue for the brainwashing and the normalization of sodomistic acceptance being a run-of the mill, everyday occurrence that we just accept as normal and ok, we ought to lament the fact that it’s taking place, and that there is such a high demand for it that the Glacier group is expanding from a dungeonous closest to much larger public inviting venue with their eyes firmly set on targeting children and teens.

It should be outlawed. The very fact that these people want more sodomy testing kits is beyond grotesque. What they are essentially saying is ‘Please let us continue to harm ourselves and propel unsuspecting children into deviance, and oh, by the way, can we get more testing kits to see how much harm we’ve done to ourselves?”

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This poor child will live a life of depression and confusion because those he looks up to lie to him.

The whole mess is ludicrous. On their Facebook page, they frequently promote content like this, continuing to propagate their propaganda at every chance they get.

Why is that being encouraged? Rather than sending a message of masculinity and that boys don’t cross-dress, even for fun, they celebrate his unacceptable explorations; egging him on and fanning the flames.

Stand up to this immoral garbage Montana. Protest as much as possible. Speak out on the radio. Write letters to editors. Speak out because they will stop at nothing to indoctrinate your children and your neighbors’ children.


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