‘Flathead’s Best Nurse’ Warns of Elderly Abuse; Protest Announcement!


“The powers that be are once again resuming their unconscionable persecution of our elderly population. They are repeating the same mistakes by doing nothing scientific, let alone humane. Social isolation via the banning of relatives and visitors, masks, and now vaccines have all done untold damage and, if allowed to be properly examined, only serve to make an already stressful situation even worse.” ~ Julie Martin

Julie Martin RN, BSN, ACN who was recently awarded Best Nurse in the Flathead,’ has provided an essential narrative on the treatment and unconstitutional measures placed upon the elderly.

Martin previously submitted this Op-Ed for Montana Daily Gazette, an excellent read concerning health departments everywhere.

Still, Flathead County is the focal point of an editorial posted to the Flathead Conservative, where she outlines gross mental health mismanagement at assisted living facilities all in the name of protecting against COVID, remarking:

“Senior Citizens have zero say in their forced lockdown and isolation. Instead of giving them a choice, or at least something resembling informed consent, they are dictated to, bullied, and propagandized into an isolated existence. Their already limited social circle evaporates and the only means of remotely having any socialization is by means of pure extortion – “get the jab or else.” 

One such care facility, the Brendan House, has these isolating rules in place- which are a relaxed version of previous restrictions in place, if you can believe it.

  • All Residents will be tested today and again on 8/10. 
  • No indoor visits at this time other than compassionate care. Compassionate care visits can continue as ordered by provider
  • Outdoor visits are NOT allowed at this time
  • Window visits at the connection point are allowed
  • Resident should not go on outings outside of the facility other than necessary medical appointments. Residents can go to medical appointment only.
  • Visitation and outings: Certain areas of Brendan House will still be under visitor restrictions.
  • Residents should be encouraged to remain in their rooms and wear masks when they are out of their rooms.

For this reason, all are invited and encouraged to attend the following PROTEST in Kalispell, MT. this morning, Friday the 13th.

All are welcome! Please consider attending to support those who cannot speak for themselves.


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