Montana Legislators Attend Lindell’s Cyber Security Symposium, Give Break-Down


Mike Lindell is a man who doesn’t seem to have a single care to give. Perhaps that’s because he sleeps like a baby with his head on a My Pillow. Or perhaps he’s a man who is utterly convinced of the truth – all evidence points to massive election fraud in 2020 and Democrat officials are doing everything within their power to stop any audit, inquiry, or investigation. The latter is irrefutable; in every place a hand-recount is requested, a Democrat official, Soros-funded Secretary of State (like in Colorado) or Democrat Counties (like in Arizona) is stonewalling orders handed down by state legislators.

He has had to face lawsuits against him for free speech and was attacked in a South Dakota hotel yesterday. Dominion and their courts waited until Lindell left the state at the symposium to announce they were letting the foreign-run voting machine company sue him for free speech. Despite the fact nothing Lindell has said is untrue, Lindell is a man the press loves to hate. After all, they are helping The Great Steal of 2020 more than anyone.

Lindell’s Cyber Symposium brought in world-class experts from the technology world who demonstrated the following with incontrovertible proof:

  • voting machines are hackable
  • voting machines have been hacked by hackers (who have proven it, just to show how easily it can be done
  • foreign governments and leftwing agents have been perverting the “custody of evidence” to assure their safety

Nonetheless, despite the evidence, Mainstream Media ran headlines likes, “The Cybersecurity 202: My Pillow cyber symposium is yet another font of election fraud lies” (from the Washington Post; we try not to link fake news here at MDG).

A number of Montana legislators attended the event to determine whether or not our elections are safe.

Rep. Brad Tschida, Rep. Steven Galloway, Rep. Jerry Schillinger, Rep. Bob Phalen, Rep. Paul Fielder, and Sen. Theresa Manzella. In addition, Jane Rectenwald (she’s been working on the Missoula election fraud issue, which has been covered both by MDG and the national news media attention). Also in attendance was Darren Gaub, who appeared on Steve Bannon’s War Room while present.

Manzella told the Montana Gazette, “I went because I believe there is a high level of evidence there were voter irregularities in the last election cycle. I was just seeking to evaluate the truth and the evidence.”

Manzella actually had an opportunity to speak (as an articulate woman, she usually does). Watch below.

She continued,” What I learned is that there is a lot of evidence to be considered. I don’t think [Lindell was] was successful to connect voter fraud to China. However, they certainly exposed the weakness in all 50 states to audit our elections and confirm our elections is safe and accurate and honorable. It doesn’t seem that any state has any accounting system.”

Rectenwald told Montana Daily Gazette, “We learned in January that approximately 5 thousand ballots in Missoula don’t even have signatures. This type of problem goes back to 2006, and we have tracked it since. Since that time, media organizations have opined that ‘machine problems’ could be the blame; for example, Jon Tester beat Conrad Burns in 2006 by a smaller number than the fraudulent ballots we found in 2020.”

She continued, “There has been an extraordinary amount of independent investigation into the anomalies and all of them point to the need of election audits in every single state.”

Manzella said, “All of these election clerks have a vendor from the voting machine they’re doing business and a contract. The vendor can do an ‘update’ wirelessly on the machine, but while they’re doing updates they can also remove the forensic evidence of the election.”

Manzella said, “The Montana delegation called Austin Knudsen, Montana Attorney General, asking him to send a memorandum asking Knudsen to stop this type of behavior. However, they were unable to connect with Knudsen, but Rep. Brad Tshida sent a letter Christi Jacobsen, asking her to prevent updates until an audit has been done and 22 months have passed to retain the data.

Rep. Brad Tschida told the Montana Daily Gazette, “I saw clear and compelling evidence to substantiate there was voter fraud in Montana. That statement is based upon code that was identified by an open-source from Mesa County Colorado that allowed access to software in voting machines.”

Rep. Bob Phalen expressed to the MDG, “We need to go back to hand-counted and paper ballots. We need to get rid of every voting machine. We ES&S voting machines in Montana, and are no different than Montana.”


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