An Op-Ed to Stupid People, Re: Nazi Imagery


Even the Bible calls people stupid.

Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but he who hates reproof is stupid (Proverbs 12:1)

Montana Daily Gazette’s field reporter, Brenda Roskos, published an article this morning entitled Tenacious Flathead Patriots Will Not Comply! Protesting Elder Lockdowns-Immunity Passports and More! The article was standard fare for Montana Daily Gazette (MDG), whose headquarters #1 is in the Flathead Valley, and covers what the mainstream media and dying legacy press outlets will not. Chiefly, Roskos reported on dozens of patriots gathering at the old Flathead courthouse to protest the house-arrest of lawfully behaving seasoned citizens who want to leave their homes and take part in polite society, the consequences of a mild Chinese chest cold be damned.

After all, these septuagenarians and octogenarians survived numerous pandemics, plagues, depressions, recessions, one World War, and numerous military skirmishes without complaining. So for the love of everything good and pure, let them go get a breath of fresh air so they don’t die like convicts who have done something wrong.

Meanwhile, COVID-19 and its (soon-to-be) endless string of variants are continually being used by teapot despots and Liliputian dictators, exercising their supposed godlike power like a Planned Parenthood doctor does on a developing infant. All people want is to be left alone. And frankly, that sentiment is probably stronger in the Flathead than anywhere on Earth.

Roskos’ article included lots of images of the protest, including this one…

Forsooth! Egad! Liberals and (some) conservatives alike were swooning on their fainting couches at a poster board with a drawn swastika, the image belonging to Hitler’s Third Reich. But I think we knew that if the Nazis invaded the Flathead Valley they wouldn’t be stopped by the soy-sipping electric-car share-riders in their skinny jeans who rally in memory of a dead drug addict in Minneapolisis. They’d be stopped by the types of people in this protest.

If this photo offends you, let me mansplain it to you…

“Your papers, please,” is a term of English parlance that developed in Nazi Germany. It was meant to exemplify what it means to not live in a free country. The Freedom of Movement was settled finally in Kent v. Dulles, 357 U.S. 116 (1958). Affirmed under the 5th Amendment, the courts ruled that someone has a right to travel freely, unless due process is provided to restrict that travel.

An example of due process would be a speeder, let go by the police but cited, who had their right to drive taken away by a judge or jury. Or, to give another example, a child molester who is banned from traveling after having been convicted by a judge or jury. That’s what you call due process, and nullifies the “Your papers, please” mantra of the Nazis.

FYI, this is why conservatives have largely sided with the ACLU in court cases requiring aliens (or citizens) from having to show citizenship papers or identification unless a crime was first committed (for example, Arizona’s controversial SB1070). This is a basic American principle that most Americans can agree upon. The question, “Am I being detained, officer” has become the rallying cry for Americans who are sick and tired of being stopped for little reason, from getting to where they need to go.

So going back to this individual’s terribly controversial sign (but not really) which invokes Nazi imagery, the point clearly is to invoke the Nazi concept of asking permission to leave the home or travel. You know…the point of the protest.

This is happening all over the world. Consider the Facebook post of Drew Zinecker, a conservative politico from Montana, who had to obtain such papers to travel to Paris…

Apparently, the French didn’t learn their lesson when we saved their asses on D-Day in 1944. Taken over by the “bitte deine Papiere” Germans, the French had to endure the “vos papiers s’il vous plait” in their own tongue. The Yankees who stormed Normandy, on the other hand, didn’t ask permission to land ashore and kill anyone wearing the Nazi uniform.

Listen, no one likes Nazi imagery (I don’t like seeing aborted babies either, but it’s sometimes necessary). Many of us are equally repulsed by the imagery used by the left, like the communist raised fist used by Black Lives Matter or the Che Guevera t-shirts worn by foul-smelling hippies setting dumpsters on fire for Antifa. The difference between the swastika (used above), and the Marxist first or Che Guvera t-shirts is that the man in the photo above is against the Nazis, and the Black Lives Matter activists and anti-fascists are actually for fascism.

And yet, few sit around griping about the imagery.

Newsflash: The imagery is supposed to sting. It’s supposed to make you bloody angry that Americans are being treated like human beings invaded by Hitler’s blitzkrieg across Europe. It should make you sick to your stomach that liberals in this country are demanding to see your papers to leave your home but not to vote.

So suck it up, buttercup. If you don’t like the Nazi imagery, stop acting like Nazis.

[Editor’s Note: Publisher, Montana Daily Gazette]


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