Breaking: Jacobsen Will Advise Counties to Halt Voting Machine Updates to Prevent Fraud


Rep. Brad Tschida and Rep. Theresa Manzella have reported to Montana Daily Gazette that Montana Secretary of State, Christi Jacobsen, will advise counties in Montana to halt voting machine updates in an attempt to prevent data from being erased during said updates. This decision, on the part of Jacobsen, was from information gleaned by Montana legislators who attended a Cyber Security Symposium in South Dakota last week. We wrote about that symposium here.

At the time, Manazella told MDG, “I went because I believe there is a high level of evidence there were voter irregularities in the last election cycle. I was just seeking to evaluate the truth and the evidence.”

According to that report, tech experts (some of whom have built and installed voting machines in the United States), the following is true.

  • voting machines are hackable
  • voting machines have been hacked by hackers (who have proven it, just to show how easily it can be done
  • foreign governments and leftwing agents have been perverting the “custody of evidence” to assure their safety

The Montana Daily Gazette also followed up that piece by publishing an open letter from Rep. Brad Tchida to Jacobsen, asking her to act quickly. Tschida said (among other things) the following…

Yesterday, I had a brief conversation with Austin James from your office.
I informed him that I have been made aware that voting software companies like Dominion, ES&S, Smartmatic and others, are conducting periodic software updates on their machines. What these updates are doing is erasing former code and replacing it with new code. In effect, information related to elections is being erased and replaced, in violation of federal and state law.

Tschida ended by asking Jacobsen to act post-haste to ensure our own voting systems weren’t rigged. There is a reason to believe they are, like all other voting machines. Rep. Bob Phalen put up one such graphic on his own Facebook page (below). The graphic was created using the typical voting irregularities, and their average miscalculation, as applied to Montana.

According to sources, including Rep. Brad Tschida and Theresa Manzella, Secretary of State Jacobsen has agreed that data on Montana voting machines could be erased if updates are applied, which is why she is advising counties to halt all updates until new information is further evaluated.

The first video is Senator Manzella recapping her discussion with SOS Jacobsen, and the second video is the full Roundtable discussion with all seven guests.

More information will be added as it is available. MDG has reached out to the Secretary of State’s Office for comment.


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