Flathead Valley’s FAKE News Finally “Investigates” Whitefish Credit Union…but not really


One of the items that seemed most puzzling regarding Montana Daily Gazette’s (MDG) ongoing investigation (here, here, here, here, here, and here) into the criminal acts perpetrated by Whitefish Credit Union (WFCU) against its members was the fact that not even one other news outlet in Flathead Valley had bothered to cover the story or comment on it publicly, despite overwhelming evidence of criminal activity.

Whether you refer to the expert witness testimony of NCUA investigator Allan Carver, the investigative results of 15-year Sheriff Deputy and Private Investigator Rick Hawk, the recommendation of former FBI fraud investigator David Howard, or confirmation of wrongdoing by WFCU from sitting District Judge, the Honorable James Manley, there has been ample evidence provided to substantiate the claims of criminal malfeasance by WFCU.

Sadly, despite all of the evidence presented above and linked in articles published by MDG on WFCU, the editor of Flathead Valley’s largest Fake News outlet, Daily Inter Lake (DIL), claims that the allegations levied against WFCU by MDG are baseless.

Although the results of the “investigation” by DIL were not printed in the actual newspaper, as far as we know, DIL Editor, Rick Weaver, made the results of his, no-doubt, extensive investigation into the facts of the case known in a text to a DIL reader who questioned Weaver on WFCU. Weaver’s texts can be seen below.

Let’s be clear: The Montana Attorney General is investigating. The local sheriff is investigating. The local prosecutor has investigated, agreed there are financial crimes from the Whitefish Credit Union, and kicked it up to state and federal prosecutors. The Federal Bureau of Investigation is investigating. And finally, private investigators are on this like white on rice.

While the dwindling staff at Flathead Valley’s largest, fake newspaper spend their time crafting false narratives about Sheriff Richard Mack and doing half-hearted investigations into the theft of possibly hundreds of millions of dollars from fellow Montanans, Montana Daily Gazette and Montana Gazette Radio just keep investigating crooks and printing the truth.

This is, frankly, the laziest reporting we’ve seen come out of any Montana news outlet, period.

There are 2 videos linked below. The first video is commentary regarding the so-called investigation into WFCU by the Daily Inter Lake and the second is an in-depth interview from WFCU crime victim, Sandy Johnson.

It appears that Rick Weaver, the editor of the Daily Interlake, just called the Whitefish Credit Union and said, “Nothing to see here Citizen, move along.” That’s not journalism. That’s slothfulness.


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