Missoula Audit Group Finds DOZENS of Duplicate Signatures from Nursing Home


Back in January, the Missoula Election Integrity Project group conducted a review of ballot signature envelopes also known as affirmation envelopes (the envelopes mail-in ballots are placed into) to ensure the count of ballots matched the count of ballot signature envelopes. Those envelopes are legally required chain of custody documentation and a mail-in ballot cannot be counted that is missing its ballot signature envelope.

Get this… the liberal media says ensuring election integrity —the mission of the Missoula Election Integrity Project— undermines “voter confidence.” But that is why you read real journalism from the Montana Daily Gazette and not the propaganda from the legacy press.

The group discovered that Missoula County’s 2020 General Election results were missing 4,592 of these ballot signature envelopes, about 6% of the total vote cast in Missoula County.

In addition to the ballot discrepancy, one of the ballot envelope counters, Laura Lindenlaub, also noticed that some of the envelopes appeared to have the same signature. Lindenlaub set aside other envelopes with the same duplicate signature.

In her affidavit, Lindenlaub testified, “I had 28 envelopes with signatures that were all done with the same pen, in the same shaky looking handwriting, and all of them were from the same address.”

These 28 seemingly identical ballot signature envelopes all originated from the same address, according to Lindenlaub: 4720 23rd Avenue in Missoula, the address of Hillside Health and Rehabilitation nursing home.

Lindenlaub’s affidavit stated that she also found envelopes without legally required signatures and other signatures envelopes without red check marks used to identify ballot envelopes that had been checked and verified.

According to investigative reporter John R. Lott Jr., when confronted with the discrepancies by the group’s attorney Quentin Rhoades, Missoula County Elections Administrator Bradley Seaman “appeared very nervous” and could not provide any explanation for the concerning discrepancy.

The affidavit is part of a body of evidence for a mounting lawsuit against Missoula County Elections which has a history of election discrepancies.

In 2012, a Missoula public accountant, business owner and candidate for public office, Patty Lovaas “died suddenly” after a lengthy investigation she conducted surrounding election tabulation machines in Missoula County.

A petition has been started to conduct a full forensic audit of the Missoula County 2020 General Election results. The petition has garnered over 500 signatures, so far. Members of the State Legislature including Theresa Manzella (SD-44) and Bob Phalen (HD-36) have called for a special session of the Montana Legislature to write audit rules and conduct an audit of Missoula County elections.

Manzella said during an interview Monday with Montana Daily Gazette Radio’s Jim White that a “select committee” should be formed to investigate Missoula County elections as a precursor to an emergency session of the legislature.

Missoula’s election irregularities have not only made news at the Montana Daily Gazette, the state’s #1 news outlet, but it has made national news and even gained the attention of President Donald Trump. But the newly released affidavit is just one of Missoula’s many acts of election malfeasance that should be damning enough to demonstrate a systemic attempt to suppress the vote.

This is just one example of the voter issues that are pervasive in Missoula, yet their election officials claim that all is well. The facts and the evidence say otherwise. MissoulaAudit.com lays out just some of these concerns, and you can check out the website here.

If Democrats are going to win what few elections in Montana they have a chance to win, they should do so fairly. Taking advantage of the elderly is not how elections are won fairly. However possible, through the Secretary of State, Governor, or Attorney General, the state must intercede to make Montana’s election process secure, accurate, and honest.


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