Tenacious Flathead Patriots Will Not Comply! Protesting Elder Lockdowns-Immunity Passports and More!


“What we require is a balance between protest and stability. This is never easy to obtain but is worth attempting because we know that if through indifference we lose our liberties, we shall not regain them in this century.”― James MICHENER

On Friday night in Kalispell, Montana, approximately 40 Patriots took to the streets by the Old Courthouse. It was a multifaceted protest covering everything from Unmasking Students to Condemning Lock Downs of Elderly and Abuse to Biden’s Proposed “Immigration Passports” (meaning the federal government wanting U.S. Citizens to be “vaccinated” to travel between states).

A tenacious band of freedom fighters who will stop at nothing to achieve their goals joined together in unity and purpose. Fortunately, many of these same community leaders have protested previously and have seen victories on account of their civic interactions, including the resignation of unqualified Vice-Principals and the former Health Officer. (See more information on our past victories Here and Here)

Having spent their time in the foxholes, these men and women have given years of faithful experience and service to the cause making their voices known, and have to see the great value in protesting. This is good because we have a non-negotiable that we simply cannot tolerate or turn a blind eye to.

Kalispell Patriots will NOT put up with elderly abuse, masking of school children, and other unconstitutional measures in the County. The precious elderly population is now being locked down in long-term care facilities and even in senior apartments in the Flathead, and we will oppose this at every chance we get.

These protests will continue every Friday evening on South Main Street by the Old Courthouse from 5:30 – 7:30 pm.

All who love freedom and liberty are welcome to join.


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