Ravalli County: Door-to-Door Scam Asking for Money to Help Kids Get Covid Masks


In Ravalli County, on a recent hot smoky evening, a woman of Indian descent with a thick accent was going door to door and attempting to collect “funding” (money) from local residents. She claimed she had a “friend” in the neighborhood and was taking a collection for children to obtain more “Advance Technology Masks.”

One gentleman answered the front door and when the bizarre woman asked for a donation he told her “We don’t really believe in those things” (meaning masks in general and that he didn’t care to give) so she cordially uttered “thank you” and left.

That didn’t settle well at all with the gentleman’s wife also a community member of Ravalli County.

His wife then proceeded outside to speak further with the odd woman who was out trying to collect “mask funding” at 9 o’clock at night. The “Doctor” was about 5’5 and tried to tell the man’s wife that she was “Doctor and Government Official” employed by a nearby lab and worked for the National Institute of Health and was indeed collecting funds for more “Advanced Technology Children’s Masks.”

Bizarre Doctor going door to door conning people

The local Ravalli resident thought it very bizarre that the “physician” would be fishing for funds at 9 pm and asked her to leave the area. The strange woman (who was across the street by this time) agreed to depart.

“Do you even know what these masks do to children?” the resident asked.

“I am a Doctor and I have a 9-year-old,” she replied; she looked far too old to have a 9-year-old.

The peculiar “doctor” didn’t wear a badge, or anything to identify herself, but appeared well-kempt and dressed fairly casually.

The concerned Ravalli resident posed the question to Montana Daily Gazette,

“What ‘lab’ goes door to door for funding? Labs are run by the government .. she didn’t even have a name tag on and was dressed in street clothes! My husband also stated that when he spoke with her at our front door her mask was hanging from her ear and was NOT a ‘High Tech Advanced Model’ at all! “

She further shared, “I expressed my opinion that it seemed ‘sketchy and rude’ to be out at almost 9 pm and she was disturbing the neighborhood; so she said she’d leave. I then took a picture of her and her car (even though I was across the street) and she got extremely angry and flustered and spouted, “I will call the police! And, ‘I work for the government!’

I told her to ‘please do so! Call the police!”

According to the concerned homeowner, the “doctor” exclaimed, “You are attacking and following me” and then she quickly got into her car and left.

Does this seem crazy to anyone? The woman reported one neighbor giving the ‘doctor’ cash.

Do not hesitate to call the police to report any suspicious activity by anyone going door to door asking money for “Advanced Technology Children’s Masks” whether it be Ravalli County or elsewhere in our state.

›As free Montanans, we all have to work together to keep infiltrators out. It’s a war out there.


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