Steve Bannon ‘Fascinated’ By Montana’s Retired Lt. Colonel Darin Gaub’s “Restore Liberty”


Recently in Sioux Falls, SD, Steve Bannon of WAR ROOM interviewed Helena’s Lt. Colonel Darin Gaub as part of the Mike Lindell Cyber Symposium (which exposed voter fraud). Montana legislators brought back the information learned at the symposium, wrote an open letter to Secretary of State Christi Jacobsen, and then appeared on Montana Gazette Radio with Jim White to discuss their concerns. Ultimately, Jacobson agreed to at least unplug the voting machines until more research could be done.

Lt. Col. Darrin Gaub

One Montanan – not a legislator, but whose wife is running for Helena Mayor against radical liberal incumbent, Wilmot Collins – was present with the Montana legislators; Retired Lt. Col. Darin Gaub. And if you don’t know who Gaub is, don’t worry; he probably knows you. He’s slightly well-connected in the Big Sky State.

Gaub is kind, gentlemanly, congenial, and tenacious. He never quits even in the face of adversity and sees projects through till the end. RESTORE LIBERTY is Gaub’s creation, and it’s a powerhouse.

The Lieutenant Colonel urged viewers to seek out the website at and sign the Declaration of Constitutional Consent, “a message to the federal government that ‘We the People’ need to consent to what you are doing.”

Click here to find out more about the movement….

“We’re building a grassroots effort of citizen activists with directors in every state, (all of us are volunteers) non-party affiliated. We understand that ‘We the People’ ultimately own this country, and the government governs at the consent of, ‘We the People’ and we have to get involved in every way we can.”

Restore Liberty is now making its way into 30 states.

Gaub revealed to Bannon that even though Montana was a “Trump State” in 2020, there was a high probability that votes were flipped “in at least six counties and possibly up to 36 counties, in fact, we should do them all.”

Montana is now a full “Red Sweep” state.

Gaub shared with Bannon in the interview:

“Everyone who’s moved here is in shock at what’s happening; people moving here from Venezuela, Cuba, Columbians; they saw it first hand. They are in shock at what’s happening in America.”

Bannon and Gaub even talked about the Marxist left. Gaub concluded with, “We the people have to consent to what you’re doing (meaning the Government), and if you don’t govern Constitutionally, then we do no longer consent.”

(to view both interviews with Gaub and WAR ROOM’s Bannon, click here and click here (start at the 45-minute mark).


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