Bozeman Fake News Outlet Blames Republicans for COVID-19

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There’s probably a word limit for guest columns in the Bozeman Chronicle, or else Republican legislators might have been blamed for global warming, the Taliban Tet Offensive, Joe Biden’s senility, and – no doubt – the sky falling. But with printed words at capacity, the out-of-state newspaper (like most major legacy press outlets, it’s not owned by local Montanans), the Bozeman Chronicle chose to publish an article blaming Republican legislators for a disease that even Joe Biden concedes was likely made in a Chinese laboratory funded by Dr. Anthony Fauci’s Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

The two above statements that are hyperlinked, that (A) the Wuhan Flu was man-made and (B) the lab was funded by money allocated by Anthony Fauci, was once considered controversial. Now, virtually no one denies it, and Facebook’s “independent fact-checkers” stopped dinging people pointing out the obvious. This really is a man-made mild respiratory virus, funded by U.S. tax-dollars. Republicans, like Rand Paul, have clearly demonstrated this in congressional testimony. But if believing Republicans isn’t your thing (as it’s clearly not in the Bozeman Chronicle and whatever people are still crazy enough to purchase a subscription), admits that the Wuhan lab research, where Kung Flu came from, was funded by 600k of U.S. taxpayer dollars.

But according to Democrats guest columnists, Rep. Denise Hayman, Rep. Jim Hamilton, Rep. Kelly Kortum, Rep. Ed Stafman, and Sen. JP Pomnichowski, Republican legislators are to blame for an uptick in COVID-19 cases in Gallatin County.

The Democrats write…

“Few have contributed more to the current COVID-19 spike than have Gallatin County Reps. Jennifer Carlson (R-Manhattan) and Jedediah Hinkle (R-Belgrade). Each sponsored dangerous legislation that has contributed to the low vaccination rate and has hamstrung efforts to slow the spread of the virus.”

But, to Democrats, it seems, the facts be damned. The stats simply do not show any correlation between reversed masking rules in Gallatin County and a slight uptick in the mild Chinese chest cold.

For example, after the statewide mask repeal, COVID-19 cases went down in Gallatin County by 20%. See the statistics for yourself. And the longer people had their masks off in Bozeman, the fewer and fewer people had COVID-19, which we covered over and again at the Montana Daily Gazette.

As the Gallatin County Health Nazi claimed cases would go up, they went down. Just look at the collection of our articles about Gallatin County Health Officer, Matt Kelley, and his ridiculous, draconian policies here. Every single Chicken Little prediction he made failed, drastically. In fact, that’s why we wrote the article, Where’s Chicken Little? Bozeman COVID-19 Numbers Plummet After Masks Come Off.

But we also updated you on how Joe Biden’s federal masking reversal is having the city council do everything possible to figure out how to again cover people’s faces in the article, Gallatin County/Bozeman Eager to Obey Biden’s Order to Put Masks Back On.

However, as of late, there has been a slight uptick in the cases of COVID-19 in the Gallatin County (as well as most other places in the United States). As with any mild virus, it comes and goes, ebbs and flows. But the uptick has been despite the vaccinations – which we were promised would stop the spread – being out for more than six months. The uptick has also come months after masks have been removed. And furthermore, the uptick has been so slight that there is no discernible strain on the health system whatsoever.

So why blame Republicans like Hinkle and Carlson? Well heck, why not?

The answer seems to be simple; Democrats are not trying to beat the virus. They’re trying to beat Republicans WITH the virus. You know, the virus that they promised would kill school children (they are virtually immune). It’s the virus they promised would kill 4% of the population (it has killed .06% of those who get it, unless they have previously existing co-morbidities). It’s the virus they told us we had to be tested for because 85% of us are asymptomatic and wouldn’t know we had it unless we were tested. It’s the virus they tell us we have to vaccinate for, despite the fact that the vaccine has proven itself so ineffective that they’ve told us to put our masks back on.

The article from the Democrats is replete with factual errors, including a bizarre claim that Republican legislation stops businesses from conducting their business freely (only Democrat lock-downs did that). One presumes they speak of Carlson’s anti-discrimination bill, but that a Democrat would be pro-discrimination ought to make the real news. This is the county, after all, that gave businesses curfews and limited church attendance to 15.

But more egregious than their untenable grasp of the facts, is the willingness of the Bozeman Chronicle – a fake, shrinking, and dying legacy press outlet – to print such a blatantly disrespectful article to the genuinely ill. People get sick. It happens. But everything we have been told about COVID-19 by the “experts” has been factually wrong. Blaming Republicans for deaths and sickness is a pretty low blow, even for those who think sucking babies out of wombs with vacuum cleaners is health care.


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