Fact: Figures Show Planned Parenthood Murders Way More People than the Taliban


This week, Americans and world citizens watched in horror as the Tet Offensive of the Taliban drove off what was once the greatest military power in the world. Twenty years after Afghanistan was invaded to clear out the Taliban warlords who played a role in the harboring of Osama bin Laden and the destruction of 9-11, the Taliban over-ran U.S. forces in Afghanistan as Joe Biden’s military fled in horror.

Left behind, in even more horror, were thousands of Afghanis who had worked with U.S. forces to stabilize their country, reinforce basic human rights for women, and keep at bay the Taliban. Videos showed the sheer panic of the Afghanis left behind to be assaulted, raped, and murdered by the military force that once beat the Soviet Union, and now has defeated Biden’s America.

Some, like in the video below, fell to their death trying to cling desperately to the plane evacuating them from the nation. At most risk were Afghani Christians, who the Taliban have promised to exterminate via torture and death.

Meanwhile, even the mainstream media has shown extreme distaste of Joe Biden’s handling of the affair, which amounts to the greatest black eye of foreign policy since a similar incident occurred on April 30, 1975, when U.S. forces had to evacuate after the Fall of Saigon.

The New York Times, Washington Post, and other MSM outlets have struggled to grasp how Biden was assuring Americans only days before that Kabul could not fall, only to watch it happen in real-time on video days later.

As Americans stand perplexed as such an incident, and the horrors that are now following the Taliban in full control, they should be reminded of the war crimes of the Taliban and exactly how dangerous they are.

Since the 1990s reign of the Taliban, known as the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, has killed and raped thousands of civilians. In 1998 alone, the Taliban slit the throats of 26 civilians on a single day, from three different ethnic groups identified as generally hostile to Taliban control.

In 2010, Amnesty International claimed that the Taliban was killing “thousands” of civilians each year. Some anecdotal reports put that figure in the high hundreds or – at the highest – four to five thousand. Usually, their killings are brutal and televised, leading to their obvious (and easy) demonization in world media.

However, since Joe Biden became president, the Taliban has been on a roll. According to the United Nations, since January 1 of 2011, the Taliban has reportedly killed 699 civilians (click here for the source link) in what has come to be known as the “Taliban Offensive,” in a now-successful effort to drive the United States military out of their nation. The Afghan Human Rights Commission Coalition, a different group, puts the death toll at 917 dead civilians (click here for the source link).


Every day in America, in killings so incredibly brutal that they make Taliban throat-slitting and head-chopping pale by comparison, Planned Parenthood murders by surgical instruments akin to something from the Saw franchise, 947 innocent human beings.

In fact, 2020 was a record year for Planned Parenthood, killing more children than any year previous. While 44% of the Taliban victims are women and children, all of Planned Parenthood’s victims are women and children. See the link from the Heritage Foundation below.

Click here to see the full report

Here is what a surgical abortion looks like, and it’s much worse than what the Taliban has demonstrated in their public executions, thus far.

Literal video footage of surgical abortions (unlike the animated one, above) have been removed by YouTube for being too graphic to show the viewer.

However, the brutal murders of Planned Parenthood, which far outweigh any crimes or homicides committed by the Taliban, happen in the medical clinic in cities all across the United States. Video crews or bystanders are not allowed to see, watch, or view the process of the abortion. Because Planned Parenthood has chosen to remain in the shadows, and their deaths are performed in the dark, the world seems not to care.


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