Planned Parenthood Sues Montana to Stop New Laws Protecting Babies From Butchery


Montana Attorney General, Austin Knudsen (R) beat Raph Graybill (D) in the 2020 general election by a whopping 16-points. It appears that Graybill wants to lose four more times to Knudsen, as he has now brought lawsuits on behalf of the state’s baby-butcherers to stop child-saving legislation passed by the state legislature.

It’s ironic that the man who once wanted to defend state law is now trying to overturn state law. Graybill ran illegally against Knudsen, not meeting the Constitutional requirements to run, but the liberal Montana Supreme Court tossed the law out the window to permit his candidacy anyway. Perhaps Graybill is hoping the progressive courts will give him what the People did not – a victory.

Planned Parenthood Montana, which has killed more people in twelve months than 18 months of COVID-19 (they murder about 1,500 people per year, roughly the same number of Montanans who have succumbed from/with COVID-19 since the outbreak began in 2020) has filed lawsuits in the Yellowstone District Court against the State of Montana, seeking to stop four bills passed by the legislature and signed by Governor Greg Gianforte.

These bills would ban abortion after 20 weeks, require an extra hoop to receive chemical weapons to self-murder the baby, require baby assassins to ask patients if they want an ultrasound, and prohibit insurance plans subsidized by the government from funding infanticide.

But killing people has always been, is now, and always will be good money. Planned Parenthood rakes in approximately 1.6 billion dollars a year – much of it from the taxpayer through Medicaid – to kill people. There are currently 5 Planned Parenthood centers in Montana, at least three of which kill babies surgically. In addition, Planned Parenthood makes home visits, mostly on Indian reservations, to hand out abortion-causing drugs to kill who their founder, Margaret Sanger, called “the undesirable.”

The lawsuits will be carried by Raph Graybill, representing Planned Parenthood, and it’s the responsibility of his former opponent and current Attorney General, Austin Knudsen, to defend Montana’s new laws.

Knudsen appears ready, telling the Associated Press, “I look forward to defending these clearly valid statutes and to protecting the lives of the unborn.”

Graybill also appears ready, telling the Associated Press, calling babies, “tuberculosis of the peoples,” said, the “ultimate goal must definitely be the removal of their babies altogether.” 

Sorry, now. That last one was Adolf Hitler, speaking of the Jews. Nevermind. Despite filing the lawsuit on behalf of Planned Parenthood, Graybill – the former governor’s chief legal counsel – has remained relatively silent.

Planned Parenthood, on the other hand, has not.

Martha Stahl – who literally kills people for a living – the president of Planned Parenthood Montana, claimed, “No one cares more about the safety of their patients than health-care providers … and abortion providers are no different. I think it’s really important to be very, very clear that these laws are an attempt to limit access and create barriers to abortion and ultimately to outlaw abortion here in Montana.”


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