BREAKING! Anti-Facers Harass 100 Whitefish Child Advocates Who Oppose Forced Masking


On Wednesday evening, August 18th, two flighty and mentally incompetent individuals chose to combat and hassle child advocates who protested against masks for k-6 grades in Whitefish, Montana.

Over 100 anti-mask freedom activists peacefully assembled on the four corners surrounding City Hall in Whitefish, Montana. Muldown Elementary, located in Whitefish, and Whitefish Middle School are the only schools in all of Flathead County which intend to mask children ages K-6.

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The assembly of freedom lovers is a Non-Partisan group and welcomes all who want their children unmasked in the Whitefish School System. They advocate for children’s health and don’t want youth muzzled and losing oxygen while inhaling poisonous carbon dioxide.

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Outraged (but in a controlled manner), parents, children, and citizens took to the streets of Whitefish in front of City Hall; and they should be outraged. Children rarely die from “Covid,” and none have died in the state of Montana, and yet these tyrannical overlords (the school board trustees) don’t seem to get it.

But they will.

This group of over 100 protesters will not stop and are just getting started.

Two particular “masking proponents” are nuttier than pet coons. “Bonnie Zee” has been protesting in front of City Hall in WF for over a year and yells and screams at passersby all day long. One Columbia Falls parent stated the following:

” Bonnie was a substitute teacher for Columbia Falls and got fired a couple of years back. She was fired for exactly this behavior, and she shows up to protest everything, just to make waves. I don’t think she is allowed to sub anywhere anymore… She really is crazy. She told my child there are 50 genders. Say what?”

Bonnie is also vile, crude, and rude.

She sent this private message to a protesting parent last night.

Because Bonnie was yelling, screaming, harassing, and is just plain nuts, the Whitefish Police had to question her not once but TWICE.

Bonnie and her friend are so whacko one sign even read, “LET OUR KIDS DIE”(meaning if parents accomplished getting their children unmasked, it would kill them!) Bonnie Zee and her friend are as set on masking children as are the Whitefish School Board Members.

Citizens have tried many angles to get the school board to drop their death grip on children, but they just will not. Not yet, that is. Below is an example of a citizen asking Muldown Prinicipal Catey Nasello) for medical exemptions for children, but as you can see, they STILL won’t drop the mask.

No description available.

In other words, they will STILL REQUIRE a face covering; Whitefish parents have had enough.

Concerning Protests: Protests are EXACTLY what the School Board doesn’t want. They don’t want to look bad. They don’t want their businesses to look bad. They don’t want WF to look bad.


These are kids who need to breathe! It’s child abuse!

School board member Nick Polombus for example, is the Director of Marketing and Sales for Whitefish Mountain Resort. Board members fear exposure. But this is a war, and they are holding children captive with their virtue signaling tactics.

Nick Polombus WF School board member and Director of Marketing and Sales, Whitefish Mountain Resort

The Whitefish School Board is, in fact, so scared that they want no one showing up to oppose them. The “Back to School Bash’ was even canceled.

”The back-to-school bash has been postponed; they are afraid there will be protests. They are also moving locations, so it will not be at the middle school.

Montana Daily Gazette believes in protesting. Protests are needed. WF school boards have been holding kids captive long enough. And if need be protesting (legally) around the perimeter of each school board member’s property, which is allowed under the US Constitution under the 1st Amendment “Freedom to Assemble and Freedom of Speech” could be a very strong tactic.

More WF School Board Members.

Children held captive by pro masking WF School Board Members.

Whitefish Police Chief Bridger Kelch verified and shared this, “Yes, it’s legal to Assemble in front of homes and property, just not on the actual property.”

These children’s advocates just want their kids free of harmful masks, breathing freely, and not confined, which brings normalcy. They are tired of the games, drama, and unconstitutional measures brought on by the dictatorial school board over their children.

The next protest will be this Friday, August, 20th at 2 pm in Whitefish, Montana, and in front of the Whitefish Middle School on Monday, August 23rd, from 9-12 pm.

Come out and stand for freedom!


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