Montana Ministry Offering Free ‘Ten Commandments’ Signs Throughout State


Montana Daily Gazette covered the Flathead County Fair, and Montana Daily Gazette editor, James White, ran into Phil Klevmon who runs God’s Ten, a ministry you’ve probably seen throughout the state. You can find the ministry website here.

You might wonder what would possess a man to place Ten Commandment signs in virtually every town in Montana. The answer is clear; it is the foundation of all morality, Western Civilization, and the criterion of judgment for all men.

Liberals don’t seem terribly fond of the Ten Commandments. The Second Table of God’s Law, the parts about not murdering, not stealing, monogamous man-woman marriage, and not coveting your neighbor’s stuff seem to get in the way of the Democrat Party Platform. Last year, MDG covered a deranged God-hater pulling away a Ten Commandments monument with his pickup truck, located in Kalispell and was given a slight slap on the wrist.

He was probably the same man who defaced Klevmon’s Ten Commandments Park. But as much as liberals hate the Ten Commandments – and a good deal of conservatives aren’t quite sure about the First Table, either (these are the commandments that deal with our duties to God), the Montana Daily Gazette proudly supports Klevmon’s work to put up the Holy Scriptures in every place Montanans might see.

Watch the video below.


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