Tom Moore is a joke, along with his masking policy. Not only is it child abuse- State Superintendent of Public Instruction Elsie Arntzen said as much- but he himself can’t even keep the mask on for a short time! He fiddles and fusses and REMOVES it all the time. Despite his inability to adhere to his own rules keep his own mask on, he expects children to do so ALL DAY LONG, all the while the microscopic germs pass right through them, making them ineffective and little more than virtue signaling.

He’s a disrespectful mess! He refused to even look at the parents in the school board meeting. He’s ashamed, and he should be! Child abusers never look up or connect with those they abuse.

A Great Falls resident disgustedly commented, “He also recommended and voted for the mask mandate for our county last year then went along and never wore one!”

Trent Short, anti-masking child advocate (running for State Legislator), commented:

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“Tom couldn’t leave his mask alone. I have a video of him “stroking” the inside of his mask and a photo of him improperly wearing it. Leading by example? Interesting he muzzles the kids but can’t sit through an entire meeting in the theater with his muzzle on.”

The school board meeting took place on August 19th. (Please take special note where the following people spoke in the video below) Lola Galloway 2:59, Tami Anderegg 2:36, Citizen 2:45 , Keith LaRouche – 3:02:50 , Trent Short- 0:57:00 Emerg Power Decl, Trent Short- 3:09:30 Masking

See the entire board meeting at this link. In it, Short declared:

“So 500+ signatures, 1000’s of text and emails from anti-maskers, 50-100 people getting up to talk against the masking (only one person voted for them) and the school board still voted yes for masks!”

Perhaps most disturbing was the “Illegal Emergency Declaration” voted in by the Superintendent and School Board. See Short’s letter to State Superintendent of Public Instruction Elsie Arntzen Below, as well as the offending document. Click to enlarge.

Short referred above to the School Board at 57:00 minutes concerning the “Illegal Emergency Declaration”)

Short is appalled, “The Superintendent/School Board voted in an “Illegal Emergency Declaration” and should all be immediately removed and replaced. They are claiming an “emergency” when it is only constituted by acts of God such as floods, tornados, etc.”

Because we know that public pressure works, we’re hitting the streets.

A protest will take place this Tuesday, August 24th, across the street from the District, 1100 4th St S, Great Falls, MT 59405 from 5-7 pm.”

ATTENTION: A Pre-Meeting (very important instructions included) within the following graphic:

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In conclusion, the Great Falls Superintendent and School Board have declared an “Illegal Emergency Declaration” and should be immediately terminated; they are abusing children via mask mandates after thousands of concerned citizens and parents stated no to masking, and they are tyrants of the highest degree.

All who want to rid the Great Falls School District of masking abuse for children are welcome to join the protest!



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