Hollywood Insider Speaks to MG Radio About Evils of Child Protective Services


A topic that gets much less attention than it should, but one that is becoming more and more publicized, is the terrorism and abuse perpetrated against parents all across this nation by Child Protective Services (CPS).

Although it might be called DPS or DPHHS where you live, the general term for the state-funded agency tasked with “protecting children and reuniting families,” which has proven time and time again to be an enemy of parents everywhere, is commonly known as CPS.

As an agency with virtually unlimited funding and almost zero oversight, CPS gets billions and billions of dollars from the feds each year to successfully break up families and send the children of the broken families to foster care. They do not get paid if they successfully reunite families and counsel them back to health.

Sadly, that is just the fact of things.

Meghan Walsh is the daughter of Hollywood star John Walsh from “America’s Most Wanted” fame. Meghan, who was born 1 year after her brother Adam was kidnapped and killed, lived quite an interesting life as the daughter of an A-list Hollywood star.

Despite her success and worldwide name recognition, Meghan Walsh also fell victim to America’s premier child kidnapping and trafficking organization, CPS.

Meghan, who dabbled in New Age philosophies and activities earlier in life, has now accepted Christ as her Savior and spreads His message to all those who will listen.

Meghan recently joined Jim White from Montana Gazette Radio to discuss what it was like to grow up in a famous Hollywood household and to explain the series of events that transpired which prompted the removal of her children by CPS.


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