What you Missed Protesting the Segregation of Children by Whitefish School Board: A Photo Journal


(Whitefish, Montana) On Monday night, all the nutcases were out in fine form at the third protest against forced child masking in front of Whitefish Middle School. However, 50 freedom child advocates prevailed once again.

School Board Vice-Chair-Trustee Darcy Schellinger drove around the block several times, filming the protestors. Schellinger is obviously concerned, and she should be. The liberal has a “resist” sticker on her car which can mean just about anything these days. The protesting freedom activists know exactly who Schellinger is, and they aren’t going to put up with her segregation tactics.

Whitefish Middle School Board Trustees aim to segregate children and even within families by masking 5th-6th graders but not 7th-8th graders. That will not fly with freedom-minded parents.

Hypocrite Vice-Chair Schellinger was pictured recently at the Northwest County Fair UNMASKED and seated closely to other citizens and yet is fine with masking up young schoolchildren when no children have died from the novel coronavirus in the state of Montana.

Open Photo
Darcy Schellinger unmasked with the masses. HYPOCRITE.

Naturally, by protesting, other people gathered around to see what was going on: some to support, others to jeer and repudiate the stated mission.

One liberal photographer who came to the event and ‘interviewed’ the group decided that filming the protesters might be a great idea. When he didn’t get what he wanted out of the event, he left.

There were mask/vaccine-loving, sprout-eating, earth muffins present trying to convince the protesters on why they feel the mask and vaccine are awesome, as well as a creeper wandering back and forth with his dog and masked up (outside) asking people’s names, where they lived and quizzing them to death. He was asked by protestors to ‘keep his distance.’ Not because of anything to do with COVID, but because the nature of his queries led the protestors to believe he might not be safe.

Perhaps the oddest encounter was an ever-present mask-loving, anti-protestor who spewed out guttural animal sounds; sounding like she was demon-possessed.

Thankfully most people in Whitefish drove by, honked their horns, and gave a thumbs-up, with Matt Smith leading the way as he announced “School Board Members are disregarding parents votes against masking!”

Truth always prevails and wins. Good job child advocates standing up for abused segregated children via wicked forced masking perpetrators ie-Whitefish School Board Trustees.


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