Love Lives Here: An Expose’ on the Hate Group Invading Montana


Those who have dealt with the group, Love Lives Here, can tell you the term is misleading, if not downright deceitful. It carries the truthfulness of terms like “reproductive justice” to refer to abortion (which is neither reproductive nor just). It is just another way that words have been co-opted, stolen, changed, or perverted by America’s left to say one thing, but mean another.

“It’s a beautiful thing, the destruction of words” – George Orwell, 1984

Founded on January 14, 2013 with the Montana Secretary of State’s Office, is primarily located in the Flathead Valley in Northwest Montana, and presents itself as an anti-hate group. And yet, it is full of hate.

Painting the Flathead Valley as a hotbed of “extremism,” the group is a hodgepodge flophouse for Antifa activists, Black Lives Matter activists, environmentalists, and other groups that waged war in America during the summer of 2020 causing 2.2 billion dollars in property damage and killing dozens nationwide. But Love Lives Here projects itself as an anti-hate group, complete with a hotline to “report hate.”

Nothing says “anti-fascism” like a snitch hotline, right? And what is a “hate incident,” anyway? Their website, neither their “rapid response guide” defines hate. It seems that the group keeps the term as nebulous as possible, another tactic of the far-left, allowing the term to mean almost anything and everything that they don’t like. Chiefly, that seems to be conservatives.

Love Lives Here is an affiliate of the Montana Human Rights Network, who snatched the name “Montana Daily Gazette” with the Secretary of State as soon as they saw our publication launch and before our attorneys filed under a different LLC name (don’t worry, we still have the common-law rights to the name, and they were just doing what liberals do, stealing what conservatives build; it’s a part of who they are).

Love Lives Here is an affiliate of the Montana Human Rights Network, which considers “rights” to be as nebulous as the term “hate.” The group, for example, does not believe that an unborn child has the right to live.

It is a Marxist organization, subscribing to the tenets of Frankfurt School Cultural Marxism and Critical Race Theory, exacerbating racial disharmony in the United States for the sake of political gain. Their primary goal is electing Democrats to office.

How do we know this? It’s how they spend their money. See below.

And while they openly support the butchering of infants in the womb (which seems pretty hateful to the reasonable person), they fervently support the propagating of sexual perversion, sexual grooming, and overt sexualization of children through the LGBTQ agenda.

Sodomy and pedophilia, of course, are not love. And neither is brainwashing and sexualiziing children, as you see above. But the group not only refuses to work against human trafficking, but supports human trafficking through their partnership with the National Immigration Law Center, which opposes laws restricting the trafficking of children across America’s Southern Border (see below).

Of course, there should be no “right” to traffic in humans in between our border checkpoints by pedophiles and sex traffickers, but the Montana Human Rights Coalition, Love Lives Here, and the National Immigration Law Center all believe in a hands-off approach to stopping human traffickers in their tracks, allowing for countless thousands of migrant children being carried across the border away from the parents and into the seedy underground of child sex trafficking in the United States.

According to Influence Watch, the National Immigration Law Center “is an advocacy group for liberal expansionist immigration policies, using litigation, policy advocacy, and strategic research to advance the organization’s agenda. [It] supports a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants,  government-run healthcare, and providing illegal immigrants with drivers’ licenses. 

To them, it’s about importing Undocumented Democrats, to affect the elections of 36 states that currently only require a drivers’ license to vote. And here are the groups (below) that fund the National Immigration Law Center.

You’ll notice that George Soros’ Open Society Foundations is on that list of donors. But Soros is also on the list of donors to the Montana Human Rights Foundation, which is the mothership to which Love Lives Here belongs (he has given it tens of thousands of dollars, at the very least, at some points, 30 thousand dollars per year).

The myth propagated by Love Lives Here is that the Flathead Valley is full of hate groups and “white supremacists,” which need to be combatted. That’s an odd complaint from a group funded by a former Nazi and White Supremacist who helped to round up Jews during the Holocaust. In the 1930s, Hitler’s Jew-killer, Adolf Eichmann, came to Hungary to oversee the murder of that country’s Jews. George Soros was his assistant. The year was 1944, and Soros called it “the best year of his life.”

In an interview with 60 Minutes, Soros admitted this on national television (fact-checkers be damned). As a 14-year-old Hungarian Jew, lying about his heritage, he helped his godfather ship his fellow Jewish kindred off to the death camps and confiscate their property.

This man funds Love Lives Here, through their mother organization, the Montana Human Rights Network. He’s still trying to exterminate the masses, only through Planned Parenthood instead of the Brownshirts.

Love does not live at Love Lives Here; anti-Semitism, hate, mass extermination, and property confiscation exist in that organization through its very funding.

The group, Love Lives Here, exists for primarily one reason; to harass, follow, and intimidate Flathead County residents and businesses into concealing, hiding, or changing their conservative, Christian values.

Abortion is not love. The LGBTQ agenda is not about love. Human trafficking is not love. Marxism is not love. This is a hate group, and we will confront it in Montana, head-on.


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