A battle of the Superintendents? Greg Upham says ‘Don’t Disobey MY MASK Directive!’ as Arntzen declares Article 10 ‘VIOLATED!’


Greg Upham doesn’t want anyone disobeying his Nazi Mask Directive, least of all teachers. He is fearful their recalcitrance would make him look bad, a tough task given how awful he already is. The ‘Fuhrer’ doesn’t want anyone to come against his orders despite being perfectly was fine with schoolchildren and teachers breathing fresh air in school just two days before.

What’s the real reason? The picture below reveals the truth. LAWSUITS. Why else would he be receiving counsel from his ‘legal team.’ KTVQ Reports:

“Billings School Board trustees voted unanimously on Monday to amend its COVID-19 face mask policy to give the superintendent discretion on whether face coverings will be required to be worn by Billings public school staff and students.

“This is a recommendation that has been brought to us by our legal team. They feel that this is a prudent measure that enables the superintendent to be nimble if issues rise that need to be addressed,” said Board Chair Greta Besch Moen.

Three Billings public school staff members suspended for refusing to wear  masks
Superintendent Upham involved in illegal activity

Upham, far from being a clever or brave man, is straight-up afraid of a lawsuit. He’s likely falling for this nonsense which is based on the notion that if a child goes to school without a mask and gets the novel coronavirus or any of its variants, and then passes away from it, he may get sued. This is infinitesimally unlikely, given that no children in the entire state of Montana have passed away from COVID-19 in the last 18 months.

Upham is fighting the wrong battle. Rather than his insistence on control, he should be far more concerned about the 1800+ children who are gassed, cut, and turned inside out in their mothers’ wombs in the state of Montana. Rather than be concerned, horrified, and heartbroken, he’s immersed in the wrong battle.

One Billings citizen shared:

“The Billings Teacher’s Union had a signed Memo of Agreement with the school board to make masks optional for the coming school year. This is how superintendent Upham treats teachers.” (meaning Upham changed his tune and is bringing tyrannical measures upon those same teachers).

In the following “dictatorial document’ Upham really cuts loose. He’s the Big Bad Wolf of School Superintendents Statewide with his abusive rhetoric, but this is not over, and he has not even seen the beginning of things to come. However, truth be known, it is highly likely this was written and vetted six ways to Sunday by his legal team.

Upham had the audacity to state in a previous memo:

If a staff member refuses to comply and/or enforce my masking directive, they are to be placed on unpaid leave for insubordination for a period of not less than five (5) working days, unless he or she comes to the administration before those days are passed and agrees to abide by the directive.”

“After those five days have concluded, if the staff member still refuses to comply and/or enforce my masking directive, additional discipline will be considered, up to and including a recommendation for the termination of the staff member’s contract of employment with the School District.”

‘Up to and including?” That is legal jargon right there. You can bet your bottom dollar Upham didn’t actually write this document, but rather is a concoction from his legal team, most of which were probably whispering distasteful nothings in his ear how they’re fearful a series of lawsuits launched against them would bankrupt them.

It is all about not losing ‘COVID dollars’ which schools receive for a myriad of reasons including raises for Superintends like Micah Hill of SD5 Kalispell when he got 12k in two months on top of these people being paranoid about lawsuits. It’s not lost on us that he just so happened to announce he was masking the AFTER the children all enrolled and the SCHOOL GOT THEIR FUNDING FOR children enrolled!

Upham is clearly not dealing with a full deck.

A Billings resident commented, “With a room full of people breathing heavily, it’s probably the highest risk place to be is in the gym.”

As a result of having contempt for his policies and politics, around 250 people showed up for a protest and then another 1000 to continue fighting illegal mandatory masks at the County Courthouse in Billings.


Montana Superintendent of Public Instruction Elsie Arntzen had this to say at a rally comprised of 1000 protestors for mask choice:

“I am trying to understand. Out of one school district in the state where 17,000 children have public education with 1,300 teachers and leaders, custodians, secretaries that all support them, our challenge is the first week of school; why is that? Why? It’s because schools are government, and government needs to listen to ‘We the People'”

…Equality of educational opportunity is guaranteed to each person of the state.”

Equity, equality in an educational opportunity, it is demanded by our Constitution. It is demanded. So when school doors shut because you are not wearing a face covering or a medical device or a mask, is that equality in education? No, and that’s why I’m here, I’m listening.”

Although School Board Trustees have control they CAN NOT break Montana State Law in other areas, which is exactly what they are doing! Upham and the School Board are breaking the law because they are violating Article 10 Section 1 of the Montana State Constitution, which reads (and is what Arntzen is referring to),

  • Constitution of Montana — Article X — EDUCATION AND PUBLIC LANDS. Section 1. … (1) It is the goal of the people to establish a system of education that will develop the full educational potential of each person. Equality of educational opportunity is guaranteed to each person of the state.

How can Upham and his crony school board minions disregard Article X Section 1? Children who are forced to wear masks lose oxygen, get dizzy, sick, distracted, get rashes, and cannot develop to their full potential, nor is there equality when some children do remote learning and miss out on so much in-school learning.

It is preposterous!

If you have a child/children or are suffering from school-related masking abuse and have adverse effects, please download and fill out an Affidavit of Harm and Liability Form and get it notarized. Share this information with friends to do as well. If a lawsuit comes up in the Billings area concerning school masking, submit that to the suit.

Keep protesting and around the “Fuhrer’s House.” He is involved in illegal activity.


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