Yes, Ads are Back at MDG. But Here’s How You Can Get Rid of Them (Easily)


After years of griping about advertisements at Gideon Knox Group, we listened and went traffic ad-free (not the local ads, which we still very much want from Montana businesses, but the annoying ones about Lindsay Lohan’s new boyfriend). First, we are super-super thankful for Patreon supporters who make it possible to pay our writers, the tech, and all the necessary equipment, insurance, and etc to make an operation like ours work. You guys are awesome.

After more than a decade of being the most effective information warriors in the world, we dumped the ads because people complained about them so much. But here’s the thing…it turns out the trans-mob doesn’t like us much and they’re litigious. And although we raised a ton of cash for our legal defense just by asking for it (thanks, guys), the Big Banks (thanks, Chase) decided to hold onto it for a while (we wrote about that here just a few hours ago). But we don’t give up that easily.

We still have fights to fight, and right now we’re scrambling financially. We hoped that by going ad-free we’d see a big jump in patronage out of sheer appreciation (and people who promised to join Patreon if we went ad free, you dirty liars 🙂 But…not exactly. We have seen about a 20% increase, but not enough to do without the ad revenue.

And so, here’s how this is going to work. If you go over to Patreon and subscribe for $5.95 a month, one of the benefits you receive is a free PAID subscription to The Insurgency news blasts. That’s on top of getting the Murder Hornet Podcast podcast. A reminder: It’s not automatic; upon signing up at Patreon, you need to email and ask to be added to The Insurgency.

If you’re wondering what the heck that is, Gideon Knox Group (our publishing organization) has established a team of “news hounds” that scour hundreds of sources for news links likely to be banned by Big Tech (Facebook, Google, etc) and sends 50 or so news links directly to your email three days per week (for free) or six days per week for $7 a month or $70 per year.

We’ve already done the work of “news-hounding” for years, which is why you often see exciting or new headlines at our sites FIRST. So our thought was, “Why not just take all the links being banned by Big Tech and send them directly to people’s email directly?”

When some of our publications got banned for stuff like calling Bruce Jenner a man or pointing out all the wildfire arsonists last year were Antifa activists – and especially when election fraud “conspiracy theorists” started getting banned – we thought it was the least we could do to get you the news, and it helps pay the guys who do all the work (because I’m primarily a pastor and stuff).

It has already been a Patreon reward, which saves you a whopping $1 per month than if you paid for The Insurgency by itself (which would still be worth it if you care about what’s really going on in the world).

However, back to those ads everybody hates…

The Insurgency will now include the articles written and published by Gideon Knox Group publications, ad-free, divided into two categories; religious and political. That means you’ll get the ad-free articles sent directly to your inbox as a part of your daily email six days per week for paid subscribers (sorry, we don’t make our guys work on Sunday). You can click on whichever category you care about, or both. You won’t even have to type in our URL and can avoid the website altogether (this will kill our web rank, but we conquered that a long time ago and already got the t-shirt).

The email will be super easy to navigate; religious news articles, political news articles, and then the regular 50-banned links, all categorized separately for your viewing and browsing convenience (all without an ad in sight).

As always, you patrons get the best we can offer. Thanks so much for your support and I hope you enjoy reading everything ad-free on The Insurgency. Join us on Patreon here.

Meanwhile, if this annoys you, please grasp this is about the price (even less) than garbage papers like the Bozeman Chronicle or Helena Independent Record. The difference is, we give real news.


Bringing you conservative news and commentary means it is tough out there on social media. We’re constantly getting kneecapped and constrained by tech companies who find the truth intolerable, resulting in our reach being severely throttled.

For this reason, please consider supporting us directly. If you like what you are reading and desire to to see more, please support our work here.

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