Bozeman School Superintendent Appears Illiterate, Unable to Read Gianforte’s Ban on Forced Masking


The Bozeman School District has a message for you: You do not own your children; they do.

As previously reported in the Montana Daily Gazette, Governor Greg Gianforte issued a temporary emergency order demanding that schools allow for parents to be the ultimate deciders of whether or not their kids wear masks.

As MDG reported…

Gianforte ordered schools take into account “parental concerns” when adopting mask mandates and provide parents the ability opt-out of health-related mandates for a wide array of reasons including physical and mental health, developmental needs, religious beliefs, and moral convictions.

Unfortunately, Bozeman – the “blue dot city” primarily focused upon by leftists and federal agencies to become a hub like Portland or Seattle to turn the entire state blue – has repeatedly gravitated toward federal mandates and ignored the orders of state legislators, governor, and attorney general.

MDG has covered this before, in the posts “Gallatin County/Bozeman Eager to Obey Biden’s Order to Put Masks Back On,” chronicling their pandering attempts to usurp state power in favor of Washington D.C. edicts. Its (now former) health officer, Matt Kelley, tried to defy Attorney General Austin Knudsen’s order to stop persecuting and dining and drinking establishment breaking Gallatin County’s curfew. Over and again, Bozeman has been the focus of outside Dark Money groups, striving mightily control the city council and school boards to subvert Montana values. For just a few MDG articles chronicling this, click here.

However, despite Gianforte’s ruling, the Bozeman School District still insists that parents have no say over their children’s faces.

A fake news outlet, Bozeman Chronicle – owned out-of-state by far-left extremists, explains…

Bozeman School District’s mask requirement will remain in place after officials said its policy is in accordance with an emergency rule from the Department of Public Health and Human Services urging districts to prioritize parents’ decisions in regards to masking.

The school district has claimed that the term from Gianforte’s “shall take into consideration” leaves them – the school district – to keep the policy in place so long as they simply “consider” the opinions of parents (who they will happily ignore). Keep in mind, it was the Gallatin Board of Public Health that walked out of their own meeting rather than allow public comment (read about that travesty of American civics here).

Also citing the Chronicle, “Superintendent Casey Bertram said in a release a few hours after the announcement from DPHHS. The district reads the rule as permissive as it specifically provides that school districts ‘should consider’ parental concerns and ‘should provide’ an opt-out system for certain reasons. The district has done both,” Bertram said.

However, a careful reading of Gianforte’s order demonstrates that the school board’s interpretation is too generous to their own bias.

Click here to read the entire ruling…

Consider, for example, this excerpt from Gianforte’s order.

It is unknown if school superintendent Casey Bertram is literate, but the order states that schools must “provide the ability for student, and/or parents or guardians on behalf of their children, to choose to opt-out based on physical, mental, emotional, or psychological health concerns, as well as the on the basis of religious belief, moral conviction, or other fundamental rights…”

Gianforte’s order is clear. The Bozeman school’s reading comprehension is not.


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  1. It would appear that you have identified the author of the order as the governor. I see that as incorrect. The order is written by the director of the department of health and human services. In fact neither of the words “governor” or “gianforte” appear anywhere in the document.

  2. It doesn’t really matter how Bozeman school board interprets the word “should” from the Emergency ruling. What is important, is that trustees and school administrators apparently forgot that regardless of permissiveness of the ruling, neither DPHHS, nor, the governor, nor anyone else permits nullification of parental rights to informed consent or discrimination against students based on their medical condition or religious belief. Mandating masks on students who cannot wear masks or for whom masks would cause physical, psychological, or developmental harm nullifies parental rights and discriminate against students based on their medical condition or religious belief.
    The other important aspect to remember is that in Bozeman’s Equity project, the city and the school board insist on prioritizing equity, inclusiveness, and a welcoming environment for ALL students. Yet, they deny access to in-person public education to students for whom this education is the only available option.
    Bozeman school board decision to ignore Emergency ruling issued by DPHHS, to disrespect parental rights, and to discrimenate against students, is not about literacy or illetaracy. It’s about unprecedental abuse of powers, defying the rule of law and despicable disregard of morality. The question is why Bozeman parents allow this to continue?


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