Commies in the Classroom


The “Zinn Education Project,” named for anti-American socialist Howard Zinn and founded on the upside-down and false history taught in Zinn’s book A People’s History of the United States, is continuing to recruit American school teachers to pledge to promote Critical Race Theory and anti-Americanism in the classroom – despite many localities passing laws banning the promotion of the racist and Marxist ideology.

The group says they are “teaching people’s history” (“people’s being a code-word for communism and socialism), and offers resources on teaching reprobate concepts like “climate justice,” fighting “heterosexism,” the nobility of racist groups like the Black Panthers, and Colin Kaepernick as a political hero for refusing to stand for the National Anthem.

On the group’s pledge page, they take issue with a Missouri bill banning teaching that “identifies people or groups of people, entities, or institutions in the United States as inherently, immutably, or systemically sexist, racist, anti-LGBT, bigoted, biased, privileged, or oppressed.” What could be wrong with banning teaching that people and groups of people are not irredeemably racist, you ask? The Zinn Education Project and its cabal of Marxist revolutionaries believe that certain groups of people and institutions are irredeemably racist, and indeed the country as a whole is irredeemably racist and must be overthrown as founded. And they are intent on teaching this to our youth.

Note: This article was originally published at Mile High Evening News and makes reference to Colorado cities and teachers, but the issue is truly nationwide. Montana looks to have less of a problem than Colorado with CRT-teaching socialists in the classroom, but there were a few who signed on, including Joana Kirchhoff of Bozeman who claimed, “The distortion of history taught in Montana schools is a disservice to the citizens of Montana. Teaching history included the defense of proof and the responsibility to teach whole truth which does include the realities of slavery and how it has shaped our country.”

Other Montana signatories include (but are not limited to) Siobhan Gilmartin of Bozeman, Johanna Trout of Billings, Brianne Logan of Laurel, Laurie Van Roekel of Billings, Sara Kane of Billings, and Rebecca Carson of Missoula who asked, “How can I expect my students to create narratives or arguments with integrity and fair examination of all sources if we as teachers are forbidden from doing just that?” Carson defends holding present-day Americans responsible for the evils of the prior generations, writing, “The ugly bits don’t just exist in the past.”

Signatories in Colorado include some of the following:

Elizabeth Winslow of Denver: “Racism is wrong. Truth telling is about Justice, truth telling is about modeling right action as an educator, and finally, truth telling is about me!” She means the truth that Americans of certain skin color or background are irreparably racist, of course.

Eliza Eaton-Stern of Denver,: “My students of color deserve not to be lied to about their own lived experiences. My white students deserve me treating them like they aren’t too fragile to hear about things our ancestors did. And all my students deserve my unflinching honesty about the world we live in and the past that led us here.” Her white students better hear that they’re responsible for the ills of the past – it’s part of who they are!

Ashlynn Manning of Broomfield: “Children need to learn how to discuss these issues thoughtfully and draw their own conclusions. Teachers need the freedom to teach history that is unbiased, and to use words that describe social phenomena like racism and discrimination, without censorship or fear of being dismissed from their jobs.” “Unbiased” is code-word for Zinn’s warped socialist interpretation of American history and the divisive baggage it carries, apparently.

Amy Hafer of Paonia: “It is our obligation, responsibility and honor to educate our students on the truth so that they may better understand how things have come to be as they are at present. We can not grow and make progress forward without a honest reckoning with what has gone before and present day accountability.” White students in her class must be held accountable in the present day by Hafer’s honest reckoning with the past.

Susan VanMeakins of Loveland: “I believe it is my duty to my students to teach them truth, even if difficult, so they can become informed citizens and feel empowered to improve their own destinies.” The best way to improve their destinies is to teach them how irredeemably racist and awful America is!

Josán Perales of Estes Park: “We must ‘go for broke’ as fierce and conscious educators fighting for liberation for ALL. THIS is the work.” Modern education is about liberation? Who needs to be liberated in the United States?

Kim Miller of Colorado Springs: “Silence and not teaching truth is immoral. We can’t move forward in a better way until we acknowledge the truth of our past.” Teaching Howard Zinn’s false, alternate history of the United States is immoral, Kim.

Michael Melosh of Westminster: “I refuse to purposefully give my students false or misleading information because I respect them.” ..breaks out fake Zinn history book.

Lindsay Brown of Denver: “My students deserve the right to learn the truth and to make up their own minds about what to do with it.” Except in my classroom, where I will indoctrinate them to hate themselves and their country.

The Daily Wire, who first reported on this list in June, had gathered these names:

Alamosa — Rhonda Schoenecker; Arvada —James Crider, Kathy Zaleski, Maya Thieme; Aurora — Erin Boyce, Jane Barber, Megan Ostedgaard, Miguel Ortega, Tanya Solano; Avon — Martha Mcglinchy Teien; Berthoud — Tim Kubik; Boulder — Barry Sparks, Heather Carr, Kelly Molinet, Victoria Hand; Brighton — Deborah Figueroa; Broomfield — Janel Ramsey, Rachel Knoche, Riann Sahnow; Colorado Springs — David Benson, Dwanna McKay, James Gregg, Jane Murphy, Todd Craig; Commerce City — Gary Kidd Conifer — Anne Nelson; Denver — Abraham Ornelas-Palacios, Ambria Reed, Becky Martinez, Briana Gonzales, CJ Hendrickson, Caitlin Ross, Carol Hunter, Christian Holmes, Daniel Lopez, Douglas Moehle, Erin Anderson, Erin Rolf, Jennifer Courtney-Keyse, Jessica Perry, Jessica Wainman, Lauren Snella, Lisa Hellmann, Marc-Paul Johnsen, Mark Sass, Megan Taylor, Michael Rollolazo, Molly Ewing, Raven Medrano, Scott Ramsey, Tyrone Yarbrough, Venessa Valdez, Victoria Tubbs, ilyanna kreske Durango — Alicia McClung; Englewood — Joe Riehl; Erie — Kelly Feinstein-Johnson; Evergreen — Julia Fliss, Rick Roadruck; Fort Collins — Barbara Janssen, Kurt Knierim, Lisa Neal, Wendy Bergman; Golden — Hayley Breden, Melinda Bowers; Greeley — Annie White, Richard Cieminski; Lafayette — Jacob Jansen; Littleton — Hannah McClain, Lindsey Widstrom, Susan Cox; Longmont —Katie Torres, Lynn Lovett Barr, Michael Rees; Louisville —Christine Manzo, Tiffany Boyd; Parker — Michael Laudick; Pueblo — Mike Maes; Telluride — Lauren Norton, Theresa Koenigsknecht; Thornton —Cameron Leonard; Usaf Academy — Caroline Falzone, Christopher Nemec, Jessica Wittebols, Kathryn Derrah, Trina Corley; Westminster — Pete Newlove; Wheat Ridge — Andres Martinez.

Since their article was posted, the Zinn Education Project has added such winners as Kristie Edwards of Arvada, who wrote: “Because scientists like George Washington Carver can change a future!” (apparently forgetting that Carver was able to accomplish all he did in America, the land of opportunity), Jeanette Scotti Millar of Boulder, who says unironically, “I believe in truth telling,” and Christopher Nemec, who teaches Zinn history at the United States Air Force Academy Usaf Academy.

You can visit their signature list and read their inane comments to get a taste of the anti-American ideology that is rampant in American schools if you’re a glutton for punishment. You will also get a glimpse into how many professional educators can’t write with proper grammar, spelling, logic, or a basic understanding of world history. For example, Andres Martinez of Wheat Ridge reminds us that, “Race and racism [are] largely an American invention.” Yes, these people teach school. According to counts, over 100 Colorado teachers are committed to teaching CRT and Zinn history no matter what parents want.

Note: This article was originally published at Mile High Evening News and is republished here in its entirety with permission.


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