Op-Ed: Forced Military Vaccination is a Grave Security Threat


Note: The opinions in this column are the personal views of the author and are not meant in any way to imply DoD endorsement or the official policies of the United States Armed Forces.

The recent decision by Joe Biden and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin to force vaccinate the entire United States military with new, experimental technology is a grave threat to military readiness and national security.

This move could prove more catastrophic than the Biden Administration’s calamitous Afghanistan withdrawal, as it risks the personal wellbeing of the entire American military.

A Few Key Points

  • The demographic profile of the US military is relatively young and in good physical condition. Reports indicate that between 24 and 30 service members have been counted among COVID-related deaths out of 2.2 million total service members – a current loss rate of 0.001% of the force.
  • In the COVID-19 era, 19 times more service members have committed suicide.
  • The long-term side effects of the novel use of mRNA technology are unknown, and evidence indicates that the vaccine could be more deadly to the military population than the virus itself.
  • Despite the vaccine being in distribution for less than a year, COVID-19 vaccine injuries are over one-third of reported vaccine injuries in the last 30 years, and reconciliation of injury databases indicates that vaccine deaths are being woefully underreported.
  • Vaccines take decades from initial development to full FDA approval to facilitate the study of potential long-term effects, and many prior development periods have revealed long-term health consequences that resulted in the vaccine being ejected.
  • Data from Public Health England indicates that the vaccinated are three times more likely to die from COVID-19 than the unvaccinated.
  • Many troops have recovered from COVID-19 and possess robust natural immunity. Commander Jay Furman, a career Naval officer, wrote a detailed paper outlining the security risks of forcing the force to take COVID-19 vaccines that goes into deeper detail, with 48 sources for his conclusions. Dr. Peter A. McCullough – a cardiologist, internist epidemiologist, academic researcher, and journal editor recently said in an interview with LifeSiteNews that, “..under no circumstances should a fully-recovered patient receive a COVID-19 vaccine … and authorities should accept that.”

With no long-term (or short-term for that matter) data on COVID vaccine side effects, what could go wrong with turning the entire American fighting force into a massive vaccine trial group?

The COVID-19 virus is still undergoing study and much remains to be understood. Likewise, the mRNA vaccines most commonly used against it utilize a highly experimental, novel technology whose effects are not yet well known. There is evidence that mRNA vaccine technology can actually make a person’s immune system more vulnerable to COVID-19 variants and other pathogens in general.

Antibody-Dependent Enhancement

Prior studies involving SARS-CoV, influenza, RSV, and MERS vaccines indicate the very real possibility of antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) caused by COVID-19 vaccination. This rare phenomenon occurs when antibodies are created in a person through vaccination (or sometimes natural infection), but the antibodies are sub-optimal, and instead of fully defeating the bound virus they enhance the virus’ entry into host cells. According to recent evidence, ADE can cause viral interference and make immune systems more generally susceptible to all infectious viruses.

Rather than the immune system diversity needed to properly protect a population, a universal vaccine (that produces a homogenous immune response) has the very real possibility of paving the way for the strongest and most resistant version of a virus to rip through a commonly vaccinated population. Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA technology being utilized in most COVID-19 vaccines, wrote in a Washington Times column:

If the entire population has been trained via a universal vaccination strategy to have the same basic immune response, then once a viral escape mutant is selected, it will rapidly spread through the entire population – whether vaccinated or not.

A far more optimal strategy is to vaccinate only the most vulnerable. This will limit the amount of vaccine-resistant mutations and thereby slow, if not halt, the current vaccine arms race.

Sidelining the Troops

The emergence of a serious side effect has the potential to sideline a high percentage of US warfighters, making the country vulnerable to threats from other countries like China, which has notably not required COVID-19 vaccination for its military. With a statistically non-existent mortality rate, the United States military is under no appreciable threat from COVID-19, thus forced vaccination of the force has absolutely no military benefit whatsoever. Much greater is the risk of placing every service member into a single experimental group where one unknown can seriously affect them all.


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