BREAKING! Philipsburg’s Superintendent Locks Down School, 9-11 Called on Citizen Sitting In Parking Lot


It appears Philipsburg is taking serious steps toward the totalitarian state.

A resident shared the following with Montana Daily Gazette.

“The elementary school doors are all locked all the time now (as are the doors at Granite High School in Philipsburg). So instead of checking in at the office when you enter the grade or high school, you have to call and make an appointment to pick up your child, and the secretary rarely answers her phone, so appointments to get in must be made a day or two prior.”

According to the source, “Not even the Police, Sheriff, EMS, or Fire Department have a key to get in or out of these schools! That is very disturbing. There are situations that simply are not safe in the elementary school. The school is so old and built in the late 1800s to early 1900s and does not even appear to have a sprinkler system. There have been multiple complaints about the doors being locked, but teachers (even though most are great people) feel they must just go along with it.”

None of this seems right or safe or even legal, and yet the teachers tell parents that 90% of the schools in Montana are locking kids in and locking parents out in this way.”

“I can only assume this is the new policy of our brand new superintendent Mr. Nice (yes, that’s his real name).”

“One day, I wrapped up work early, and instead of driving home to turn right around to go pick my child up, I parked at the curb in front of the school to catch up on bids/paperwork.

A few minutes later, the Sheriff pulled up and rolled his window down to talk. He asked what I was doing, and I showed him I was working on a bid for my job. He said someone from the school called 911 on me for sitting there early. I had never left the truck, windows up, pencil in hand. We chatted for a minute, then we both left. He called me 20 minutes later, apologized for the trouble, and said he’d spoken with whoever made the report and told them he had no problem with me being there, etc.

Another local Phillipsburg resident was miffed. They chimed in,

“Wow, your child has been going there for several years, and they still DO NOT know what you look like?! You deserve an apology from the school; however, they try to justify it. They OUGHT to know their student’s families well enough to at least know what they look like and what they drive.

This is complete nonsense, lazy, and shows they aren’t really honoring your child’s values, family, etc. It is disrespectful to your child, and they certainly aren’t ‘protecting’ if they are alienating parents from their children to the contrary.

And worst yet, they haven’t put any effort into “knowing” your child, including meeting the parents. ALL staff (any halfway decent teacher) knows this is crucial for learning. No wonder our public schools are so far below benchmarks in education while suicide, depression, and addiction are on the rise and climbing in our state.

Another parent reached out, “No excuse for them, mark my words, they are sitting in there without masks, not teaching, texting and gossiping about only God knows what, feeding their bellies, drinking coffee, collecting government dollars, and ignoring children’s needs and education is the reason they have to lock parents out. You want ‘transparency,’ and you need it now!” 

“I would not trust my child with these people,” added another.

We can assure you most schools in Montana are not locking children in and parents out.


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