Exclusive-Lakeside/Somers Montana: Parents WIN On Masks, Now Optional


Just several days before school started in Lakeside and Somers MT (School District 29), the optional mask mandate became a mandatory mask mandate. However, on Thursday evening, after phenomenal and continual push back from almost 100 parents, the mandatory mask mandate was RECALLED by a school board, and a NEW vote of 3 to 2 set the children FREE! 

A Flathead County resident revealed to Montana Daily Gazette, “After 3 hours of intensive testimony (the trustee debate was very INTENSE), the vote was 3 for mask choice; 2 masks mandatory; 1 chair (heavy masker with a nasty agenda-pushing doctor as her husband) abstained! So a vote of 3-2 freed the children!”

One particular trustee was a stance masker and changed her vote to mask optional after hearing multiple testimonies! 

Parents were extremely disturbed to hear that their children would be forced to wear the “mask of shame” another year and had had enough! They were a highly professional and organized group of parents who protested and met often (and quickly) until victory at last night’s board meeting became theirs! These brave parents promptly organized (the day after the sneaky board announcement to FLIP the masking to mandatory without parental approval). These parents did not sit back for one day without daily actions to free their children! They stayed engaged during every single board meeting, sent detailed emails daily to the trustees, and held protests.

Organized and professional parents helped pave the way to victory!

Superintendent, Joe Price is seen here in full hypocrite mode as he isn’t wearing a mask before the meeting when the very door on the school states, “FACE MASKS REQUIRED.” Price had also been pouring forth very dictatorial comments with something to the effect of (concerning masking) “I can just do whatever I want, and this is what I’m going to do.”

Hypocrite Superintendent Joe Price (center back) “maskless” at last nights board meeting (School District 29)


Mask WERE required but now are optional!

Last night, however, he was overruled by “We the People.”

The scene was tense. One local child advocate and research specialist stated the following,

“Logan Health sent in some “very undereducated nurses who blatantly lied about data and children, and a few scary ignorant, fearful doctors to try and push ‘sick care and vaccine talk.’

One freedom-minded advocate proclaimed during testimony, “No medication without representation!” 

There was incredible “Victory Chatter” by the parents, and the room became electrified! 

“It’s official. 19 out of 20 public schools including all private schools in Flathead County are now mask optional.” 

The only school to enforce masking is in the liberal “People’s Republic of Socialists Whitefish Montana.” 


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