Musicians Cancel Montana Concerts over Inability to Enforce ‘All-Vaccinated Shows’, but the Scene Lives On


In what some dour pessimists are saying may be setting the stage for a long-familiar refrain, several bands have decided to cancel their shows in Montana over their inability to enforce audiences of only the vaccinated.

One such is the indie-pop band Tennis, which canceled their shows and posted on social media that because they cannot require proof of vaccine, they were unable to follow through with their commitments.

They further wrote on social media

“Due to statewide limitations on vaccine mandates, we are sadly forced to cancel our Montana shows. The health of our fans, band and crew are our first priority. We promise we will make it up to you as soon as we safely can. Refunds will be issued from your point of purchase.”

This is because the recently passed House Bill 702 prohibits discriminating based on one’s medical choice and vaccine status, a fact that this band could not abide by, despite they themselves being fully vaccinated and possessing an infinitesimally small likelihood of coming down from others except a high possibility of harm to themselves via the toxic “Covid Injection.”

But liberty-minded Montanans “Land of the Free and the Brave” won’t exchange a night of music for a lethal injection.

Another band that has canceled is Jeffrey Foucault, writing on social media:

Foucault told the Missoulian that HB 702 is a “backward piece of legislation” and that it “locates risk unfairly.” As a result, he believes the state will lose out on a lot of money and artists willing to come. Interestingly enough, he is putting on other shows that not only will require audience members to be vaccinated, but also wear masks the entire time- an unscientific gambit he calls “doing right” by his neighbors. He says.

One thing about people canceling shows, you’re not going to find out about the tours that get canceled. I just happen to be obnoxious enough that I wanted to make a point of drawing a straight line for the people who wanted to come to the shows between the behavior of the Legislature and the governor and the public policy impact on real people — clubs, waitstaff, gas stations, hotels, all the people all down the line, the sound guys, babysitters who don’t get paid — including me and my band.”But the truth is most performers tend to be politic enough that they’re not going to announce that they canceled dates. They just won’t announce that the dates were ever in planning,

These musicians, (as well as a few businesses) who thought they had it “licked” (but did not), wanted to slide into home base unchallenged. However, in came the hero, House Bill 702.

“Foucault had lined out September dates with public and private shows planned, including public ones in Great Falls at the Forde Nursery (an outdoor space), The Attic Montana in Livingston, and the Covellite Theater in Butte. They were arranged with a verbal agreement that he’d be able to require proof of vaccination or a negative test. He later realized that was no longer possible.”

For those “venues” listed above to just “presume” that Foucault could require “proof of vaccination” or a “negative test” was a big mistake and an illegal one. These businesses should be boycotted by all Montanans for such behavior.  

It’s not all doom and gloom, however, despite the picture, several bands are painting. Modest Mouse, an act ten times bigger than both of those bands combined, played at the KettleHouse Amphitheater just a few weeks ago, the same with Death Cab for Cutie on Friday night.

Bands like Foreigner, Lindsey Sterling, Billy Strings, REO Speedwagon, NeedtoBreathe, and a host of others are slated to perform in the next few weeks, many with sold-out shows in major venues.

Clearly, the music scene is alive and well in Montana.



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