Liberal Media Butchers Story on Graybill Suing MDG Publisher Over Alleged “Transphobia”


The Great Falls Tribune, a dying out-of-state newspaper that’s owned by Lee Enterprises, picked up a story from another out-of-state publication, the Daily Montanan (staffed by #DefundThePolice advocates as writers), which is funded by Democrat activists in Washington D.C. (read about that here).

As always, a day (or weeks) late and dollars short, they covered the news story of Planned Parenthood’s attorney, Raph Graybill, signing on to sue me in my home county over what his client calls “transphobia.”

Their first failure; they fail to mention the real reason I’m being sued.

Secondly, the news outlet projects lies contrary to science and objective reality, calling the cross-dressing man a “woman,” which of course, we will not do because our editorial policy is pro-reality (read about why Montana Daily Gazette doesn’t use fake pronouns here). Can you really trust their reporting when they intentionally call a man, a woman?

And then there’s this gem from the Democrat Washington D.C. story, aggregated in the Great Falls Tribune…

That account offers no source and neither Laszloffy nor the state Senator, nor the sergeant-at-arms appear to have been contacted by the online outlet.

All I’m going to say prior to court is, don’t make assumptions. The Daily Montanan made some assumptions.

However, what the Daily Montanan failed to point out is that Montana Daily Gazette asked Jawort to review the story before publication, and he refused because I would not refer to him as Ms. Jawort (because he’s not a woman). Meanwhile, I’ve seen no evidence suggesting our story isn’t accurate to the best of my ability. The publication also refused to mention that thanks to Montanan’s Journalism Shield Law, I don’t have to name my sources, some of whom are legislators and well-aware of Jawrots antics.

Meanwhile, the Daily Montanan did not contact me before publishing their story, indicating our journalistic standards are actually higher than theirs. This is why MDG is the #1 news outlet in the state and The Great Falls Tribune is liquidating assets and selling their property.

As our attorney, Matthew Monforton, told the Daily Montanan editor, “We are confident that at the end of the day, the Montana Daily Gazette will be fully vindicated.”

Meanwhile, it appears that Graybill has his hands full suing Attorney General Austin Knudsen to stop our pro-life laws passed this session. So far as we are concerned at Montana Daily Gazette, the truth marches on.

[Editor’s Note: Contributed by JD Hall]


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