Biden’s Mandatory Vaccine Passports Don’t Apply to lllegal Aliens


President Biden has announced a presidential decree that will force millions of unvaccinated Americans to get the COVID-19 shot or else lose employment, but intentionally did not require the vaccine for immigrants – illegal or otherwise – crossing the border.

On Thursday, Biden claimed, with all the authority of a Roman emperor, that all employers with more than 100 employees will be forced to either require their employees get vaccinated against COVID-19 or to get nose-raped against their will to check for the virus.

The president also announced that the remaining 17 million healthcare workers employed in facilities that receive federal Medicare or Medicaid also will have to be fully vaccinated, which violates Montana law. This includes an additional 20 million Americans.

Governor Gianforte has pledged to do what is within his power to protect us.

However, illegal aliens and migrants get a pass because, well, of course they do. To Biden they are super-citizens, with extraordinary powers of citizenship compared to true red-blooded, flag-waving patriots who he intends to isolate to the corner of shame in the workplace.

Montana Daily Gazette spoke to Rep. Jennifer Carlson yesterday, who carried HB702 – protecting against vaccine discrimination – and is awaiting further word from President Biden on what our state’s game plan might be.

Biden said draconianly…

“We’ve been patient, but our patience is wearing thin,” Biden said of the roughly 80 million Americans who have yet to get the shot. “While America is in much better shape than it was seven months ago when I took office, I need to tell you a second fact: We’re in a tough stretch and it could last for awhile.”

Of course, presidents aren’t governed by patience – which senile old men aren’t known for – but the rule of law. There is nothing – absolutely nothing – that would allow the federal government to mandate drugging as a constitutional right over its citizens.

The “fact-checkers” (damn those clowns) are already busy at work, claiming there are no acceptions for illegal aliens at the border, trying to shove this reality down Orwell’s Memory Hole.

But, here’s the video (catch it before they take it down).

Biden’s claim that the vaccine is “safe” and “effective” overlooks the reality that millions of doses of vaccines have been recalled for being dangerous and we have no idea what the longterm health effects may be. In terms of it being effective, a great many who have been vaccinated are now deathly ill (like Jesse Jackson).

Biden’s claims that the spike in positive cases is due to the 20% who read the data and news to make their own health decisions, is assinine. We’re not the ones getting sick, unless it’s from vaccine shedding. Most of those getting sick have been vaccinated.

Meanwhile, 18% of those migrants hopping the border are positive for COVID-19. The Biden Administration has made it very clear that only those working for larger companies (who are not illegal aliens, because they have work papers) are immune – not from COVID- but from Biden’s mandates.


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