Jeffrey Foucault Cancels Montana Concert Because We Won’t Force Vaccines, Leaving Us to Ask Who the Heck is Jeffrey Foucault?



We get it. You’re a Los Angeles music dude who hails from Wisconsin, the Land of Cheese (thank you, Wikipedia). You’ve released albums with Lisa Olstein, Cold Satellite, and Billy Conway. Some of those folks don’t have Wikipedia pages, so I have no idea if that’s impressive or not. I presume it’s not.

From what I can tell, you released an album in 2004, 2006, 2011, and 2015. I presume the waiter business was really lucrative in between these years. Most recently, you’ve worked with Eric Heywood (Son Volt, Pretenders, Ray Lamontagne), Bo Ramsey (Greg Brown, Lucinda Williams, Pieta Brown), Billy Conway (Morphine), Jennifer Condos (Joe Henry, Sam Phillips), Jeremy Moses Curtis (Booker T), David Goodrick, Van Dyke Parks, Harry Nilsson, Ry Cooder, Ringo Star, and Caitlin Canty.

Except for Ringo Star, I have no idea who the rest of those people are, and neither does the Internet, apparently.

Your most famous song is a cover of someone elses’ song, Everybody’s Famous, and your highest notes of career success is a portion of your song played in the television show, Sons of Anarchy.

Congratulations, you are completely unnotable.

Imagine my surprise, then, when I looked at Montana’s leftist Fake News outlet, The Missoulian, I saw this ominous headline (below).

Let me give you a few pieces of advice, Jeffery.

Number one, no one knows you.

Number two, no one (here in Montana) cares about you. Boredom is the reason anyone would show up to hear your music, not fandom.

Number three, we don’t care two flaming craps (that’s not that much) about what you think about the vaccine policy passed by our elected state legislators and signed by our governor. These leaders were elected by overwhelming proportions. Their liberty-first approach to the Chinese chest-old is wildly popular.

You, on the other hand, are not.

I don’t mean to be rude, but let me phrase it clearly; what in the living hell do you think you are doing trying to affect our health directives and/or punish our civic leaders by boycotting the state of Montana from the 7 people who will show up to hear you strum your guitar (or tambourine, or cowbell, or whatever you play)?

For real, know your place. It’s in Wisconsin. You can’t even afford a residence in L.A., where you – on occasion – cut your albums that now off-the-air television shows might play and whose name might scroll in the credits.

Of course, the Chicken Little Bias of The Missoulian acts as though this is the end of the world; Montana’s penchant for faces means musicians won’t come here. Frankly, good. Go away.

The relatively unknown artist wrote…

“The MT legislature passed a law — and @govgianforte signed it — so venues couldn’t ask for proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test result. Shows started cancelling, and now I’m one more artist pulling my tour out of Montana this fall, one of the places I love best. It hurts,”

Forsooth. Egad.

As though a D-List artist would be packing out the Billings Metro into a super-spreader event. The whole thing is asinine.

He went on, “One thing about people canceling shows, you’re not going to find out about the tours that get canceled. I just happen to be obnoxious enough that I wanted to make a point of drawing a straight line for the people who wanted to come to the shows between the behavior of the Legislature and the governor and the public policy impact on real people — clubs, waitstaff, gas stations, hotels, all the people all down the line, the sound guys, babysitters who don’t get paid — including me and my band.”

ATTENTION ALL DANCING MONKEYS: We like our faces in Montana. We hate fear. We don’t care about the health expertise you acquired as a struggling musician playing honkey tonks. We are indifferent about your music. And that goes for people or municipalities who ban travel to Montana based upon our laws on abortion or boys competing against girls in sports.

We have values. They supersede and transcend our entertainment.

[Editor’s Note: Op-Ed Contributed by JD Hall]


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  1. Bravo. This is the best thing I’ve read in a long time. I’ll be smiling in my sleep tonight. Thank you for having the talent and inspiration to kick ol’ Jeffy in the kishkas. Well deserved may I add


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