One Man Holds Montana On His Shoulders and He Needs Our Prayers; Austin Knudsen


Republicans won the general elections in 2020 known as the Red Wave. The Solutions Caucus, the Quisling Democrat-Wing of the Republican Party was taken back several pegs when Llew Jones lost key lieutenants and some notable pawns in the primary battle that preceded it, losing the RINO grip on the Big Sky State. Combined with a win in every single statewide race by double-point margins, Republicans have enjoyed a mandate to lead in the 2021 legislative session.

Their accomplishments included legislation:

  • Handing control back to elected county commissioners from unelected health department bureaucrats
  • A ban on boys playing in girls’ sports
  • Four pro-life bills designed to mitigate the threat to 1,500 Montanans murdered annually by Planned Parenthood (far more than have died of COVID-19).
  • “Constitutional Carry” and a strengthening of our Second Amendment gun rights
  • A roll-back on draconian and ineffectual health orders by Governor Steve Bullock
  • A ban on vaccine discrimination

These are but just a few of the legislative accomplishments achieved by Republican super-majorities in the Montana House and Senate, with numbers of Solutions Caucus limited enough to make it more difficult for the Democrat-Wing of the Republican Party to stop conservative progress. Combined with the leadership and courage of Governor Greg Gianforte, who signed these bills into law, truly liberal Democrats – a tiny majority in Montana – were in a frenzy.

Besides a few coordinated letter-writing campaigns to local papers, some angry transgender lobbyists, and the fury of out-of-state papers operating their fake news outlets within the state, there was little they could do to stop conservative legislation.

However, now that the 2021 Legislative Session is over, with only a few losses (the childhood sex mutilation bill, for one), a new regime was installed in power by the Democratic process and the overwhelming will of the Montana people.

But, liberals are true ideologues. They believe in a worldview without God, a spurious hatred of anything sacred except an abolition of Moses’ Second Table, a lust for the wealth of other people, and an undying belief that transhumanism – by the power of government – can solve all of the world’s problems through dictatorial power. Montana’s “blue dots” have done everything possible to fight back against the statewide conservative mandate to lead, through astroturf organizations like the Montana Human Rights Coalition, Love Lives Here, the Green Decoy groups, and the powerful Communist-led state employees union are all in a furious rage that after 16 years of a Democratic governor led by turn-coat Republicans in the legislature, things have changed.

And don’t think Washington hasn’t taken notice. They, too, are furious that Montana has flexed its muscle against federal over-reach. And together – Dark Money groups, the Biden Cabal, and out-of-state fraudulently calling themselves Montana – along with their friends in the Legacy Press – have a plan to fight Republican legislative accomplishments in the two-year period of time before our next legislative sessions. Liberal zealot are not giving up a fight.

Their solution? Fighting the will of the People of Montana in the courts, where a run-away judiciary who has made it clear they will not submit themselves either to the constitution or checks-and-balances between the three branches of government, liberals plan to get just a few activist judges to overturn the will of the State House.

The man whose job it is to defend Montana’s laws is Austin Knudsen, and he needs our prayers and support right now. As Attorney General – who won over his opponent Raph Graybill by 16 points statewide, Knudsen will be responsible for defending our rights to a Democratic Republic, in which we have a government by the people, of the people, and for the people, and not run by a few judges who feel as though they can ignore legislative subpoenas, do whatever they want, and get by with everything short of murder (and who knows, maybe that, too).

Our litigious, bitter, angry enemies intent on overthrowing the power of Montana Citizens using the judiciary are busy filing suits to cast out the progress made by our Republican legislature and a Republican governor.

Standing in their way is one man – Austin Freaking Knudsen.

The youngest Speaker of the House in Montana History, an Eastern Montana native of Culbertson, and brilliant strategist, Knudsen is currently holding Montana on his shoulders, protecting us against their liberals and attorneys seeking to overthrow Constitutional Law.


Knudsen joins other Republican states to protect girls from mentally ill boys as sports competitors: read about that here.

Knudsen sued by Raph Graybill and Planned Parenthood to stop our pro-life bills: read about that here.

Knudsen sued by Board of Regents to stop gun rights: read about that here.

Knudsen sues feds with other states to protect tax protections: read about that here.

Knudsen sues feds to stop Keystone XL ban: read about that here.

Knudsen sues feds over illegal immigration: read about that here.

Knudsen sued by eco-weirdos over new Colstrip law: read about that here.

Knudsen facing a lawsuit from Commie-led teacher’s union for banning Critical Theory: Read more about that here.

Knudsen joins lawsuit against Federal Department of Education: read more about that here.

Knudsen sued over new voter integrity laws: read more about that here.

This is just the beginning. Liberals are trying to find their victories in the courts, but Knudsen stands in their way. Prayers and support for Knudsen should go out immediately, because he may just be the finest public servant in Montana’s recent history.

Something must be done about Montana’s liberal courts, who seem to see their sole role as overthrowing Republican legislation. Until then, Austin Knudsen has a Herculean task of defending our laws and values in courts.

Godspeed, Attorney General Knudsen. Montana stands with you.


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