Upper Seven Law: Who’s the New Montana Law Firm that Exists Solely to Sue Conservatives?


Upper Seven Law Firm has Frankfurt School Marxist Critical Race Theory written all over their website. They are steeped in Critical Theory so deeply, so evidently, it is palpable. And so far, they seem to exist only as a “non-profit” law firm that exists to sue conservatives.

First, as previously reported, they are suing Gideon Knox Group (the publisher of this #1 Montana news organization) for our article about a Gothic Transvestite lobbyist who claimed to be suing us for “transphobia” on his Go Fund Me Page.

Knowing “transphobic hate speech” is not a thing, legally, they trumped up some other technicalities that our attorney is positive will find us vindicated. But not only with Gideon Knox Group be proven vindicated, the actions of Upper Seven Law Firm will be proven vindictive, and Adrian Jawort – their client – will pay a price for it.

Raph Graybill signed onto the suit, apparently eager to affirm his place as the man with the least chance to be elected to any office in Montana ever. Simultaneously, he was filing lawsuits on behalf of Planned Parenthood against Attorney General Knudsen to overturn our pro-life bills passed in the 2021 session.

Meanwhile, the Upper Seven Law Firm has filed a lawsuit against Christi Jacobsen (R), our Secretary of State, because of another technicality…a supposed glitch in the state website (she is not responsible for) that double-charged several people indiscriminately.

Yes. That’s the alleged technicality on her part. It could have been resolved – if real – with a phone call to whatever person runs the Montanan.gov website (it needs to be revamped and is antiquated).

Jacobsen seemed unimpressed with Upper Seven Law or the frivolity of their suit, with a spokesman claiming, “This office immediately started the refund process when a customer notified us, per Administrative Rule and MOM Policy, to ensure that we appropriately released the refunds.”

In other words, as soon as the state is notified it has overcharged a customer because of a website glitch, it reimburses them. But Upper Seven Law Firm wants their head on a platter.

Between suing this press outlet for a frivolous matter, and Secretary of State Jacobsen for a website I.T. issue, they are also suing Secretary Jacobsen over both SB 169 and HB 176, which are designed to protect our election security by safeguarding voter registgration.

Jacobsen responded, “The voters of Montana spoke when they elected a Secretary of State that promised improved election integrity with voter ID and voter-registration deadlines, and we will work hard to defend those measures.”

And, they’re going after conservative Ravalli County Sheriff for, well…basically following the law and stuff.

So who is Upper Seven Law Firm, attacking conservatives? They’ve existed since February and are non-profit. It is unclear – at this time – who is funding them. We’ve dedicated one of our investigative reporters to determine how they are funded. But their website betrays their CRT/Marxist ideas.

This is no typical law firm. They are a wing of the Democratic Party, funded by Dark Money, to attack Republican conservatives.

And where do they come from?

Aside from working for Governor Bullock, she also clerked for the most liberal appellate court in the United States, the 9th Circuit Cout of Appeals.

Sommers-Flannagan has a partner, Constance Van Kley. She also clerked for the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

It seems that politics has brought the law firm together, and each and every lawsuit featured on their website is against Republicans and conservatives, including the Gideon Knox Group.

Attacking the press wasn’t, until recently in Montana, considered a priority on the to-do list of liberals. But the Montana Daily Gazette changed all that.

An additional staff member, Jacob Linfesty, is also on the team. According to their website, “During his summers, Jacob interned in Senator Jon Tester’s Billings office and on the Kathleen Williams for Montana campaign. Since graduating summa cum laude in May 2021, Jacob is excited to be back in Montana and working with Upper Seven Law.”

Montana liberals lost – big time – in the last election. It appears a new law firm has evolved to help the liberals toss out the People’s will in the courts, in between sessions, and harass Republicans with less-than-sensational lawsuits. It’s the political weaponization of the law, which is not as new a concept as this law firm’s new existence in Montana.


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