Kalispell City Council “Wannabe” Jessica Dahlman Receives Liberal Funding from WHITEFISH and SEIU


The “LEFT” never gives up. Something sneaky and afoot is taking place in Kalispell but smells a lot like Whitefish.

Jessica Dahlman is running for the City Council of Kalispell. Still, she must be confused because it seems she doesn’t care about Kalispell. And even though she lives in Kalispell, where she receives her funding from speaks volumes:

The latest C5 Campaign Finance Report from July 16 to August 15 concerning Jessica Dahlman has provided some atrocious facts.

1. Only 10% of the contributions came from Kalispell residents.

2. 48% of the contributions came from OUT OF STATE!

3. 40% of the contributions came from residents of Whitefish! 

4. Over 14% came from the SEIU-more contributors from the Union than from the residents of Kalispell! 

SEIU is a Biden-loving, Antifa-promoting, Black Lives Matter- backing and Seattle-based UNION, and everywhere they go, they stir up trouble. When they came to Kalispell for the “strike,” multiple cars were broken into in the hospital parking lot. Seattle’s “SEIU” came to “help” with the strike. 

Many patients as of late shared they were grossly neglected at “Logan Health Care” due to what many believe is inattention from SEIU nurses. SEIU supporters and advocates and Union Nurses should have no place in Kalispell’s City Council.

Jessica Dahlman for Kalispell City Council

This is a PROBLEM.

Some are asking, “Is she running for office in the right city?”

(below is a list of her “contributors”)

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Angela Jacobs gives to Dalman’s campaign- Whitefish City Attorney who wanted business owners arrested if they stayed open late last Halloween (past 10 pm) in Whitefish or went over “occupancy capacity” Dahman isn’t for Kalispell-she’s a Whitefish infiltrate who just happens to live in Kalispell.
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No description available.
Kim Paulson gives to Dalman campaign- A Nurse with unfounded and bizarre “Covid Facts”
Jessica Dahlman running for Kalispell City Council obtains donations from Whitefish. What?

Why won’t Dahlman engage with the people of Kalispell in hopes of funding? Why is Dahlman getting so much money from Whitefishians? That’s very suspicious. Why is Dahlman so interested in Kalispell?

The answer is because she’s getting prodded from her liberal mask virtue-loving comrades in Whitefish and SEIU! This is not cool. 

She’s not the one for Kalispell. Kalispell spells F-R-E-E-D-O-M and Whitefish spells IMPOSTER.

You best move it on down the line, Nurse Dahlman. You’re not welcome in Kalispell and especially in a leadership role.

(See her website below)



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