Browning, MT-Blackfeet Natives Give Shirley Temple “Honorary Tribal Member” Status


Yes, it’s true. Here is Shirley Temple’s fascinating story and how she became an honorary member of the Blackfeet Tribe through her bond with Blackfeet Natives from Browning, MT.

And in return, Temple named all the 12 Blackfeet Natives members of the “Shirley Temple Police Force.”

(read the story below the under the pictures)

Shirley Temple’s special bond with Blackfeet Friends from Browning, MT
Browning actors board for Hollywood 1939
“Susannah of the Mounties” 1939

“In the film, there was a contingent of 12 full-blooded Blackfeet Indians led by Chief Albert Mad Plume, who were brought in largely as extras (all from Browning MT). Another member of the Blackfeet tribe, Martin Goodrider, played the role of Little Chief. Temple and Goodrider struck up an instant friendship (something unusual with Temple as she was normally forbidden from mingling with her child costars).

Susannah of the Mounties (1939) - Turner Classic Movies
Temple and Goodrider had a special friendship

(View the full film here)

As an act of goodwill, Temple swore in all members of the Blackfeet tribe as members of the “Shirley Temple Police Force” while Temple was made an honorary member of the Blackfeet tribe and given the name Bright Shining Star.”

This is a story of 12 men and one boy who traveled from Browning, MT, and gained an endearing relationship with a famous young girl from Hollywood.


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