Montana Gazette Publisher on ‘Keeping the Blue Dots At Bay’ in Hamilton


Montana Daily Gazette publisher, JD Hall, spoke on a 7-stop tour throughout Montana last week on the theme, “Keeping the Blue Dots at Bay.” The tour, hosted by various groups from the John Birch Society, Sen. Manzella, to various Pachyderms and patriot groups, Hall covered several topics. These include:

  • Love Lives Here (a group funded by George Soros attacking the Flathead Valley)
  • The Montana Human Rights Coalition, which cares about about neither humans nor rights
  • Town Pump violating the 1964 Civil Rights Act, forbidding Christian speech on their property
  • Dark Money forces using Raph Graybill and out-of-state attorneys to harass conservatives
  • The influx of non-Montanans who do not share our values, trying to turn our state blue
  • The moral depravity that fuels the Democratic Party
  • That our problem is not political, but spiritual; and that the solution is not policitical, but spiritual.

You can support Pastor Hall’s legal battle against the leftist horde of Democrat attorneys trying to quiet his voice and that of the Montana Gazette below.

Below is just one of those talks given by Pastor Hall, president of Gideon Knox Group and publisher of Montana Daily Gazette. It is very, very worth your time to watch. And please share it with those who care about our dear state.


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