STUDY: 8 in 10 Vaccinated Pregnant Women Miscarry


A new, devastating study finds that 8 in 10 women who were vaccinated before the third trimester experienced a miscarriage.

Miscarriage is defined as “the spontaneous loss of a pregnancy before the 20th week.” The general rate of U.S. miscarriages is 10-26%, however this rate increases drastically is the pregnant woman is vaccinated in her first or second trimester.

The New England Journal of Medicine tracked women who received the vaccine during their pregnancy: “28.6% received the vaccine in the first trimester, 43.3% in the second trimester, and 25.7% in the third trimester.”

The study states: “Among 827 participants who had a completed pregnancy, the pregnancy resulted in a live birth in 712 (86.1%), in a spontaneous abortion in 104 (12.6%), in stillbirth in 1 (0.1%), and in other outcomes (induced abortion and ectopic pregnancy) in 10 (1.2%). A total of 96 of 104 spontaneous abortions (92.3%) occurred before 13 weeks of gestation (Table 4), and 700 of 712 pregnancies that resulted in a live birth (98.3%) were among persons who received their first eligible vaccine dose in the third trimester.”

If we break down the statistics, of the 827 pregnant women who participated in the study, 712 gave live birth. 700 of the 712 received the vaccination in the third trimester.

104 of the 827 women experienced “spontaneous abortions,” or miscarriages. At first glance, this coincides with the miscarriage rate in the U.S. (10-26%). However, miscarriages, by definition, occur before the 20-week-gestation mark. This means that all 700 women who received the vaccination in the third trimester must be excluded from the calculation because should they have lost the baby- it would not have been considered a miscarriage, by definition.

With this taken into consideration, the results show that 104 of 127 pregnant women who received the vaccine experienced a miscarriage. Meaning the miscarriage rate for those who took the covid vaccine in the first or second trimester is 81.8%- or 8 in 10 women. This is way above the national average.

The study just so happens to overlook this devastatingly high rate by focusing on the third trimester vaccinations, which would not be included in terms of miscarriage.

The NEJM completely redirects the meaning of the study in its conclusion: “Early data…do not indicate any obvious safety signals with respect to pregnancy or neonatal outcomes associated with Covid-19 vaccination in the third trimester of pregnancy.”

The vaccine is permitted in throughout all trimesters, not just the third. While it’s unlikely that this shocking data will change regulations, it can inform you, or women you know about the dangers associated with the vaccine.

Back in April Montana Daily Gazette reported on increased miscarriages in unvaccinated women following interactions with the vaccinated. Many commenters attempted to dismiss this saying “miscarriage is common!” and “vaccine’s don’t ‘shed’! That’s ridiculous!”

While it is ridiculous that this is something happening, it is true. Pfizer very quietly released a document plainly detailing ways exposure during pregnancy may happen. Including, mere interactions with a vaccinated person.

This Pfizer study, under section 8.3.5, states that exposure during pregnancy can occur “after having been exposed to the study intervention by inhalation or skin contact.”

Also from the Pfizer study, “A male family member or healthcare provider who has been exposed to the study intervention by inhalation or skin contact then exposes his female partner prior to or around the time of conception.”

The Pfizer document can be found on their site here, or through this link in the event that Pfizer removes it.

Miscarriages are not the only thing being affected by the vaccine, cycles of women both vaccinated and unvaccinated are reportedly changing. To read more about this click here.


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